Digital Task Management

for Complex Construction

Supply Chains.

Trusted by Leading Innovators in the Industry

Trusted by Leading Innovators:

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“It saves those huge piles of paper back in the site office and means you can hand over from trade to trade instantly. The tool has helped improve relations between the trades.”

Digital Task Management in Construction Projects

For the first time ever tens of thousands of activities in large construction projects can be managed easily on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to the Sablono platform, the construction industry can now work with a fully integrated model and keep up to date at any time about what needs to happen and when. The era of Digital Task Management for large construction projects is finally here. Sablono handles all the details for you and streamlines your full project across the entire supply chain.

Proven Enterprise Solution ready for your Project

Industry leaders are using the Sablono platform on challenging and complex projects. Sablono provides a combination of enterprise ready technology, personal interactions and close cooperation. With Sablono’s high value services, project teams can rely on fast and automated support as well as dedicated customer success specialists.

Data-Driven Construction Management

Everybody in the industry talks about it: data-driven construction. Project managers understand all the great advantages of data analytics, KPI’s and real-time dashboards but often times struggle to implement them in their own projects. Book a free demo with us today and learn how we can transform your site into a data-driven site together.