Digital Task Management

for complex construction

supply chains.

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For Construction Companies

Sablono was tailored to the needs of construction companies. Learn how the platform can be used to document the progress of interior fitout projects or to keep track of prefabricated components across multiple sites and locations.

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How it works

The software provides a wide range of features for documenting and analysing complex building projects. Learn all about the first web-based and mobile management platform for the construction industry!

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Customer Project Reports

Sablono is being used by construction and project management companies all over the world. Get to know some of our clients’ projects and learn how they benefit from the platform in their daily work.

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Sablono Tutorials

Learn more by reading our tutorials on some of the fundamentals of Sablono. Get an overview of the features that make Sablono the enterprise solution for large scale construction projects and when you’re ready, book a demo for an in-depth introduction to how our solution can be perfectly tailored to your complex construction processes.


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