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Activity Tracker

Replace your static spreadsheet tracker

Visual Tracker

Automatically colour-code designs & drawings

Mobile App

Report progress easily in the field

Automated Handover Notifications

Send notifications to trades' mobile devices

Deliverables List & Reports

See and share all deliverables in one report

Workflow Templates

Build repeatable process workflows

Progress Audit Trail

Stay protected with a digital progress record



QA Checklist

Assure quality and build Right First Time

Activity Sign-off

Get notifications and sign-off trades' work

Issue Sign-off

Get notifications when issues are flagged

Issue List & Reports

See and share all issues in one report

Issue Templates

Build repeatable issues workflows

Photo Documentation

Stay compliant with geo-tagged photos

Quality Audit Trail

Stay protected with a digital quality record



Commercial Dashboard

Link costs directly to your site activities

Commercial Look-Ahead

See forecasted costs from your programme

Commercial Planned Works Valuation

Easily valuate actual achieved planned works

Baseline Scheduling

Transform your baseline into a production plan

Look-Ahead Planning

Update look-ahead plan based on data

Planned vs Actual Dashboards

Understand the performance of all teams



Track Free 1200x1200

Sablono Track Free replaces your existing spreadsheet tracker for simple progress reporting on-site.

Try it for free



Use Sablono to minimise defects, get to the root cause of quality issues and streamline your workflows to get it right first time.

The better QA system


Construction collaboration software

Use Sablono's connected platform to break silos, streamline communication and build collaboration into your workflows from the start. 


Get everyone on the same page

Replace your disjointed Excel trackers with a single, connected construction tracker that all of your project partners can collaborate on in real-time. Generate an undisputable digital audit trail that shows everything that happened on the project, right down to who did what and when. Eliminate "he said, she said" disputes.
Tracker scheduling

Get started with Sablono to stay ahead


Break siloes and information lags

Connect all your project partners in real-time. Trades easily report progress from their devices as work is completed. Management receives instant notifications so work can be reviewed before final sign-off. Handovers are simplified as trades are immediately notified when work is ready for them to start.
Hand - mobile - progress tracking

Build collaboration into your workflows

Don't leave collaboration to chance, instead build it in from the start. Create predefined building sequences and workflow templates that define the flow of trades, embed checklists, ITPs and more to streamline communication and prevent hold-ups.

Key features

Activity Tracker - Green Activity Tracker Replace disjoined Excel trackers with a single source of truth. Report progress in-the-moment and receive real-time progress updates.  Read More Mobile App​​ - Green Mobile App Report progress on-site from the Sablono app to save time. Read More Automated Handover Notifications​​ - Green Automated Handover Notifications Automated handover notifications are sent to trades' mobile devices to let them know that work is ready to start.  Read More Progress Audit Trail​​ - Green Progress Audit Trail Digital records of everything that happens on your project are automatically saved in the progress audit trail. check-double Activity Sign-off Management is automatically notified when activities are marked as complete so all work can be reviewed before sign-off. circle-exclamation-check Issue Sign-off Management receives automatic notifications as soon as issues are flagged and has final sign-off before the issue is marked as resolved. QA Checklists​​ - Green QA Checklists Attach QA checklists to workflow activities to ensure that all required quality data is captured in one go. Read More layers Workflow Templates Capture processes in reusable templates and plan your workflows down to the most granular detail. Define activities, responsibilities and sign-offs. Add hold points, QA checklists and more. comment-alt Issue Templates Create reusable templates for issues which help you to standardise documented issues to streamline their resolution and ensure work always meets quality and compliance standards. add-image Issue List & Reports See all issues raised and export PDF reports to streamline their resolution or as evidence of quality and compliance standards being met. Deliverable Lists & Reports​​ - Green Deliverable Lists & Reports See all of your deliverables and export PDF reports to share progress in moments. Read More Photo Documentation​​ - Green Photo Documentation Attach geo-tagged photos as evidence of quality and compliance standards being met. Read More


What is construction collaboration software? Construction collaboration software, such as Sablono, is a digital tool specifically designed to enhance collaboration and communication among project partners in the construction industry. It streamlines workflows, enables real-time progress tracking, and facilitates seamless communication, leading to improved project outcomes. 
Can I use Sablono on-site? Yes, Sablono has a mobile app that allows you to report on-site, saving you time and enabling you to stay connected with the rest of your project team. The app enables trades to report progress in the moment and provides real-time updates to management. 
Is Sablono easy to use? Absolutely! Sablono is designed with user-friendliness in mind. With its intuitive interface and straightforward features, you can quickly learn and navigate the platform. Our mission is to make your construction project management experience as smooth and efficient as possible. 
How does construction collaboration software help teams work better together?

By providing a centralised platform, construction collaboration software allows teams to work together in real-time. It streamlines communication in construction projects, eliminates information lags, and reduces the need for project partners to rely on disjointed Excel trackers. 


What features should I look for in construction collaboration software? When deciding on construction collaboration software, look for features such as real-time progress tracking, automated handover notifications, embedded checklists, note templates, and mobile app accessibility. 
Can Sablono work alongside other construction management tools? Yes, Sablono can integrate with other construction management tools to ensure a seamless workflow for your project. We understand the importance of interoperability, and our platform is designed to work well with other systems commonly used in the construction industry. 
Can construction collaboration software be used on-site? Yes, many construction collaboration software options have mobile app accessibility allowing teams to report on-site and stay connected with the rest of the project team.