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Activity Tracker

Replace your static spreadsheet tracker

Visual Tracker

Automatically colour-code designs & drawings

Mobile App

Report progress easily in the field

Automated Handover Notifications

Send notifications to trades' mobile devices

Deliverables List & Reports

See and share all deliverables in one report

Workflow Templates

Build repeatable process workflows

Process Audit Trail

Stay protected with a digital progress record



QA Checklist

Assure quality and build Right First Time

Activity Sign-off

Get notifications and sign-off trades' work

Issue Sign-off

Get notifications when issues are flagged

Issue List & Reports

See and share all issues in one report

Issue Templates

Build repeatable issues workflows

Photo Documentation

Stay compliant with geo-tagged photos

Quality Audit Trail

Stay protected with a digital quality record



Commercial Dashboard

Link costs directly to your site activities

Commercial Look-Ahead

See forecasted costs from your programme

Commercial Planned Works Valuation

Easily valuate actual achieved planned works

Baseline Scheduling

Transform your baseline into a production plan

Look-Ahead Planning

Update look-ahead plan based on data

Planned vs Actual Dashboards

Understand the performance of all teams



Track Free 1200x1200

Sablono Track Free replaces your existing spreadsheet tracker for simple progress reporting on-site.

Try it for free


Track Free 1200x1200

Sablono Track Free replaces your existing spreadsheet tracker for simple progress reporting on-site.

Try it for free


Renewable energy software

Manage renewable energy projects with more precision than ever and stay ahead of the competition while minimising waste. 

  • 01 Quality assurance
  • 02 Progress tracking
  • 03 Accountability

Stay competitive, minimise waste

Stay ahead of the competition by preventing quality issues and getting it right first time. Attach QA checklists, notes, photos and documents directly to your activities to ensure quality is kept high every step of the way. Get notified of any issues in real-time so you can take immediate action to resolve them. 

Solar quality


Track all your components with precision

Replace disjoined Excel trackers with a single source of truth. Report progress in-the-moment from your device and receive real-time progress updates. You can even add your drawings to automatically visualise the status of your project so you always know what's happening. 
Solar tracking


Create a digital record of everything that happens on-site

Exchange word of mouth for indisputable evidence. As teams report progress in Sablono this creates an automated digital audit trail of everything that has happened on-site. Get clear answers to crucial equations and encourage accountability across your project. You'll also have the crucial evidence you need to mitigate against claims.  




Supercharge productivity with Sablono

Sablono boosts workflow and process efficiency across the site
700+ total hours saved per month per project
2.5 days saved per month for QS site walks
12 hours saved per month per package for commercial valuation
20 hours saved per month per CM for project controls

Work smarter with Sablono today

Key features

"If I had stuck with Excel alone, managing projects of this size, let alone simultaneously, would have been impossible. Sablono offers an exceptionally high level of control, allowing me to monitor every aspect. For instance, I can instantly check the status of each individual trench in my project."


Muhammet Zeyrek Construction Manager
Qenergy logo


What is renewable energy software?

Renewable energy software is a specialised technology solution designed to assist in the management and optimisation of renewable energy projects. It helps streamline processes, monitor performance, and improve efficiency in areas like solar, wind, hydropower, and other sustainable energy sectors. 

What kind of renewable energy projects can Sablono be used for?

Sablono can be used for managing construction projects related to wind, solar, hydropower, and other renewable energy sources.

What are the benefits of using renewable energy software?

Using renewable energy software offers several advantages. It allows for effective project planning, scheduling, and resource management. It helps identify potential issues and optimises productivity. It also enables real-time data analysis and reporting, leading to better decision-making and cost savings. 

How does Sablono help with quality control in renewable energy projects?

Sablono allows you to attach QA checklists directly to your activities, have trades attach notes, photos, and documents to ensure quality standards are met, and create a digital audit trail of everything that has happened on-site, among other features.

What features should I look for in renewable energy software?

When choosing renewable energy software, consider features such as real-time monitoring, performance analytics, remote control capabilities, data integration, reporting tools, and compatibility with various renewable energy technologies. It should also offer a user-friendly interface, scalability, and customisable options to meet specific project needs. 

Can renewable energy software assist with regulatory compliance and reporting?

Absolutely! With comprehensive data tracking and reporting capabilities, renewable energy software ensures compliance with regulatory standards and requirements. Solutions like Sablono help generate accurate documentation, maintain audit trails, and demonstrate adherence to environmental and safety regulations. 

Can renewable energy software improve project collaboration and communication?

Yes, renewable energy software enhances project collaboration and communication by providing a centralised platform for all stakeholders. It allows for real-time data sharing, task management, and reporting, ensuring everyone involved has access to up-to-date information, facilitating seamless collaboration and better decision-making.