Procore Project Management vs Sablono

When it comes to planning organising and overseeing the construction project, which construction project management app is best for your company?

Transform your processes vs digitalise your work?

Sablono transforms your processes 
Sablono connects and streamlines your execution workflows by allowing you to drill down into the finest details of your project.

Break down your project into all of the pieces, create standardised workflows based on data-driven best practices, manage hundreds of thousands of activities and transform your baseline into a production plan. 

Procore digitalises your existing work 
Procore works by digitising existing stand-alone support processes like communicating with trades, costs and RFIs. But digitising your existing work can only get you so far…  

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“Procore focuses on digitising existing support processes like paying your workers and facilitating on-site communication. 

Sablono takes a holistic view of the entire construction execution phase and connects the different workflows surrounding time, quality and cost to give an accurate view of what’s done versus what’s not done.”

Mobile task management for construction site


Transparent status reporting or document management?

Sablono provides transparent status reporting 
Sablono gives you clear insights into ‘what’s done vs not done’ while keeping the golden thread of information in the form of a digital audit trail that can be accessed at any time.

It helps you to finally understand what’s happening on your project in real-time down to even the individual level, equipping you to deliver the project on time and within budget. 

Procore replaces existing communication methods
Procore project management is focused on managing the numerous documents, requests and communication threads by replacing disconnected email communication with a central platform.

While this improves your workflows, it doesn’t have the power to transform your projects.


Generalist solution or specialist solution?

Sablono goes deep 
Sablono is the platform for construction execution. It hosts a range of sophisticated tools for construction execution progress tracking and project management.

With a clear focus on processes, Sablono integrates all aspects of time, quality and costs needed during the execution phase in one central digital software. 

Procore goes wide 
From preconstruction to financial management to project management, Procore project management provides a generalist solution that touches on many parts of the construction project - but this also means less detailed insights.

Sablono Overview (1)

See Sablono in action

All onsite progress at your finger tips



Import deliverables (e.g., areas or components) from Excel or scheduling tools

Standardised work sequences (incl. durations, dependencies & responsibilities) No
Manage 200k+ activities No
Tag QR codes to deliverables


Automated trade-to-trade handover notifications


Look-ahead planning


Visualise progress in schematics/drawings


Planned vs Actual dashboards (per trade, deliverable, area)


Full audit trail of progress No


Digital QA checklists


Automated quality control via direct link of QA checklists into standardised work sequences No

Raise issues with attached photos



Cost-load activities


Automated valuations based on real-time progress Blue-Check


Mobile app for task management with offline capabilities


Reporting API to create custom, real-time reports


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Construction execution, the way it should be.

  •  “Sablono is very useful for tracking on-site progress and predicting and forecasting the potential impact of any delays that occur. It’s a helpful tool to quickly assess the amount of work that has been completed in a given period by any individual trade.” 

  • "Sablono is a truly collaborative working platform which enables multi-user live updates providing real-time progress reports. The biggest benefit of Sablono is when used with a repetitive work stream." 

  • "Intradepartmental tools for progress tracking are no longer used, instead a unified and official tracking system powered by Sablono enables us to take a major step towards digitalization."  

  • "My favourite part of Sablono is the way it keeps a record of handovers. It is very efficient to carry out a handover walk on site, sign a sheet, complete the QA checklist on my phone and attach the signed sheet on the app."