Track your interior
with Sablono.

Save time with one central platform for all interior fitout processes: each step is updated in real-time.

Stay on top of complex projects with a comprehensive overview of all workstreams, activities and deficiencies.

Get instant updates as your partners report progress on-site, directly from their mobile devices.

“With Sablono, we can now document the building progress as well as all related photos, issues and obstructions easily on a mobile device. For project management companies like ours this leads to tremendous time savings for data aggregation and preparation.”

Mathias Stieb

Senior Consultant, KVL Bauconsult

Build with your times

Construction sites change constantly. Delays and deliveries need to be reported, workflows and procedures must be coordinated, and your job is to keep tabs on all of this. Legal pad, Excel, your phone and email are no longer your best tools.

Get instant updates

The only way to manage your project effectively is to have access to the right information at the right time. Who is responsible for each step? When are deliveries scheduled? Your partners will report into the Sablono platform with their mobile devices, giving you access to real-time updates whenever and wherever you need them.

Execute as planned

Your construction sequences are well designed and thought through. Sablono ensures your plan goes smoothly by letting you know whether a task is pending, in progress, or already finished. You and your partners can include pictures and notes to keep in the loop with what is happening on site.

At a glance

Sablono offers data management and real-time tracking of your construction project in one centralised database, all at a glance with user-friendly design. Start using Sablono today and never look back!

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