Building Safety Act:
A 5-minute guide

The BuIding Safety Act brings a whole host of new challenges for construction companies, the question is, what role will you play in all of this to ensure your company is compliant? This short guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Building Safety Act Summary:

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Building Safety Act 2022 compliance: key responsibilities

Here are the key parts you’ll play to ensure your company's buildings meet the necessary safety standards set out in the Building Safety Act.

1. People
Hire someone to cover the red tape

People can make or break your success with the Building Safety Act and it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have the right people on your side to ensure compliance.

The key is to assign the role of covering the detailed specifications of the Building Safety Act to a named person. This may be in the form of a Building Safety Manager or a Responsible Person to oversee the safety of your buildings. They will work to ensure that all the red tape is covered so you can focus on the bigger picture.

3. Reporting
Regularly update stakeholders and regulators 

Providing regulators and other stakeholders with regular updates and reports on the building's safety measures and compliance status is crucial to maintaining the confidence and peace of mind of everyone involved. 

You’ll want to be able to report on actions you’ve taken as a company and have the evidence to back this up. 

2. Money
Wisely allocate your resources and plan ahead

With companies now setting aside tens of millions to ensure compliance with the Building Safety Act, good financial planning and management have never been more important. 

Ensuring that you have sufficient resources allocated to cover changes you’ll need to make to building practices, materials, manpower and staff will all need to be accounted for. 

4. Technology
Find technology to help you achieve The Golden Thread

The Building Safety Act mandates a digital record for higher-risk buildings that includes the golden thread of information, accessible to relevant parties and updated over the building's lifecycle. 

You should understand the technology you will employ to achieve this crucial golden thread of information. Adopting a system that enables you to store a digital trail of information of everything that takes place on your projects is at the heart of this. 

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How Sablono helps you comply with the Building Safety Act

Sablono is a construction execution and documenting solution that gives parties greater accountability and transparency on projects to increase confidence around the Building Safety Act. Here’s how:

Helps you fulfil The Golden Thread

Provides a complete semi-automated digital audit trail of everything that happens on a project right from the start.

From the company executing work, QA assessments, the time of sign-off, who signed off, photos and more – Sablono makes it quick and easy to keep track of thousands of activities and retrieve this data in moments. 

The audit trail runs for decades to provide on-demand access to data from previous projects so you always have it at hand when you need it to easily fulfil The Golden Thread and simplify your reporting efforts.

Standardises your quality practices

Generate work sequences based on data insights that identify the optimal approach for completing tasks. Standardise these processes across your projects to minimize quality issues and maximize productivity. 

Real-time insights to show you spot potential threats right away so you can solve them. While access to root cause analysis ensures that if things do go wrong, you understand exactly why and can prevent it from happening again. 

Secures your margins

Transforms your project into an optimised production plan, eliminating paperwork and empowering project leaders with the necessary time, tools, and insights to make quicker, more informed decisions. 

By improving project clarity and streamlining processes, Sablono can help increase your bottom line to offset any losses as a result of setting aside resources to comply with regulations.

Our partners have already saved over 600 hours and £10,000+ per month by using Sablono and if implemented across your enterprise, these savings can reach the millions.

Sablono construction compliance software

Want to discover how Sablono can partner with you to help you reach your compliance goals? Schedule a personalised demo below. 

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  • "Sablono is a truly collaborative working platform which enables multi-user live updates providing real-time progress reports. The biggest benefit of Sablono is when used with a repetitive work stream." 

  • "Intradepartmental tools for progress tracking are no longer used, instead a unified and official tracking system powered by Sablono enables us to take a major step towards digitalization."  

  • "My favourite part of Sablono is the way it keeps a record of handovers. It is very efficient to carry out a handover walk on site, sign a sheet, complete the QA checklist on my phone and attach the signed sheet on the app."