Construction Snag List Template

We’ve pulled together the most popular construction snag list templates for you to download and use on your projects.

Download the relevant templates below and customise them to your liking.


Construction snag list format in Excel

What is a construction snag list? A construction snag list is a document that highlights any issues that need to be fixed before completion and handover to the client.

Snagging plays a crucial role in the construction process, as it is the system used to determine whether all of the deliverables have been achieved to the required standards.

Download Residential Snag list
Download Snag List Blank Template

A better solution for snagging

While snag lists and snagging tools carry some value, there’s a much better way to manage snags on your projects.

The traditional approaches to snagging treat issues in isolation and are disconnected from the wider project. The issue is, snags are highly interconnected.

Sablono is more than a snagging app. As a construction execution system, it connects everything and everyone in your construction supply chain and allows you to identify issues within a workflow rather than in an isolated plan or snag list. 

This provides a holistic and connected view of your project so that you can take a proactive approach to snagging and not only fix snags but actively learn from them to prevent them from happening in the first place.


construction snag list comparison

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Get to the root cause of snags 

Not only does Sablono allow you to establish what went wrong, but it also shows you why it went wrong. 

An interconnected and structured view of your project allows you to understand what factors influence snags so that you can reduce snags going forward.


Immediately understand the impact if snags

With Sablono, all your workflows are connected in one system.

This means that you can immediately understand the impact of snags, establish which activities and trades are involved, and where the snag sits on your entire project workflow.

Learn from mistakes early 

The Sablono Construction Execution System allows you to learn early in the construction process. 

Received real-time status updates directly from your site, pull insights from intuitive dashboards and reports and use this information to create building sequences based on data-driven best practices. 

For example, if you notice a pattern of snags during the execution of level one in a residential project, you’ll be equipped with the information you need to stop these snags from occurring on the other floors as your project progresses. 

Sablono collaboration

Turn snagging into a team effort

Snag management should not fall entirely on the project manager.

Sablono allows everyone to highlight snags in real time as work is completed. Connect digital QAs to activities and have trades ensure that work is up to standard before it is marked as completed. 

Sablono's Construction Execution System is the future of Snagging