Construction Quality Control Checklist Template

We’ve pulled out some of our most popular quality control checklists directly from the Sablono platform for you to download and use on your projects.

These templates can be customised to suit the needs of your team and your project.


Construction quality control checklist templates for Excel:

What is a construction quality control checklist? Quality control checklists are a list of predefined criteria at particular stages of a construction project that provide information about quality and defects. 

They ensure that each part of the project meets quality standards before it is handed over to the next trade.

A better solution for quality control

Quality control checklists and snagging tools may offer a partial fix to quality management, but let’s face it - they don’t offer a complete solution. While Excel checklists and snagging tools help to document issues, Sablono helps prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Sablono offers real-time information on every aspect of a project, creating the opportunity to fix quality issues the moment they appear. 


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Quality control in real-time 

With Sablono, quality management is built into day to day task management and quality issues are reported as your team executes their work.

This helps you to see problems as they arise so you can quickly fix them instead of waiting further down the line to take action.

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Collaborative quality management

Checklists place responsibility of quality control on only a few key people during a project. 

At Sablono we believe that everyone on a project should share in the responsibility and accountability for quality control. 

Whenever trades finish a task, they are prompted to fill out compulsory QA checklists before the task can be marked as ‘complete’. Only once this is approved will the next team be notified that the task is available for them to start work.

Root cause analysis

Predefined, structured quality data and root cause analysis allows you to uncover patterns as your project progresses so you can learn from these insights and prevent them from happening again.

Get insights in to what went wrong, what went well, which tasks tend to be prone to issues, which trades have the highest success rate, best-practices and more.

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Standardise your quality practices

Sablono allows you to predefine the quality measures you want to check.

Create standardised quality quality practices based on evidence of what works for each of your activities to speed up execution and improve overall quality. 

Sablono for quality control