Construction Tracker Excel Template

We would like to share with you this interactive construction tracker pulled directly from the Sablono system.

Download the tracker and customise it to suit your project.

Sablono Activity Tracker

Construction Tracker template

What is a construction tracker? Construction trackers are tools on a construction site that record progress on projects and provide an overview of site activities. 

They provide upstream reporting to communicate with stakeholders about whether the project is on track, in addition to subcontractor reporting to coordinate workers and trades. 

Construction trackers also enable look-ahead planning so you can plan for the upcoming days, weeks and months.

An even better way to track your projects

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Excel Trackers vs Track Free

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The truth is, Excel trackers only provide a partial solution to tracking construction projects.

They crucially fail to connect your people and processes which almost always leads to:

  • Information silos - Each team has their own Excel tracker which is disconnected from the actual construction site and is difficult to collaborate on.
  • Errors - The manual approach to tracking projects using spreadsheets leads to errors and a misinterpretation of data. 
  • Wasted time - Time is wasted trying to collect, align and process project data from different sources.
  • Confusion - An unclear picture of what is actually happening on your project.

    {See more reasons why Excel trackers are outdated here: Track Free vs Excel Trackers}

    But Sablono changes things...

    Sablono Track Free provides...

    • One centralised tracker for a single version of the truth.
    • A tracker that is connected to your actual construction site.
    • Simplified collaboration across your teams.
    • Faster and easier access to your project data.
    • Greater visibility on your projects

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