Your single source of truth

Gain valuable insights and use the detailed data you’ve captured throughout project execution to generate comprehensive audit trails, dashboards and reports for your business or external clients. 

Dashboards and KPIs

Save valuable time with Sablono’s highly efficient real-time reporting capabilities and save up to 60% in time for project documentation and upstream business reporting. 

Your invaluable digital audit trail

By using the Sablono Platform, you automatically generate a fully accountable and highly-detailed audit trail of events that you can revisit whenever you need to know what really happened on the jobsite.

Time-stamped record of activities & incidents

Fully reliable and uneditable execution trail

Invaluable data for claims and disputes

digital audit trail
data visualisation and dashboards

Custom Dashboards & Reports

The comprehensive audit trail of information gives you the opportunity to generate the insights you need to drive your project or project portfolio. 

Deep-dive into your execution data

Generate reports for progress, quality and costs

Standardise your upstream business reporting

Direct connection to your Power BI

If your business is using MS Power BI for its reporting, you can simply connect to Sablono's API to automate your dashboards based on reliable and highly-granular production data.

Build your own BI Dashboards 

Automate your dashboards through the API 

Let us support you with our BI templates


See Report in action

Deeper insights means better, faster decision making


Project reporting questions?

What is Sablono Report?

Sablono Report enables you to create the reports, dashboards and KPIs that you need for your internal or external project or project portfolio reporting. As the Sablono Platform holds the fully accountable audit trail of your complete construction execution processes, you can go back to any point in time or drill down to the very details of events to analyse and report what has happend on your site. Connect to the Sablono API to push the latest status of production into your MS PowerBI to retrieve the most recent information to feed your upstream business reports. 

How does Report help me?

If you are currently using spreadsheets, PowerPoint or other manual tools to report to your business, partners or clients, then Sablono Report is your direct link between your site and an automated and hassle-free reporting. Speak to our experts today to discuss your requirements. 

Does Sablono provide an API?

Yes, Sablono provides an outgoing API for you to connect it to other tools in your business. Currently it's optimised for MS PowerBI but it can also be connected to many other software tools. For more details, please have a look at our technical documentation:  

Can I connect to other BI tools than PowerBI?

Currently, the Sablono API is optimised for MS PowerBI as most construction businesses are using it for their reporting. If you require connections to any other BI tool, we are happy to hear from you and discuss your requirements in detail. Besides our API we also provide comprehensive CSV exports which can easily be connected to a variety of other tools. 

Does Sablono provide any data exports?

Yes, Sablono allows you to export project data in various formats. Besides the API, we also provide a comprehensive CSV export as well as different types of PDF reports for progress data, QA checklists, punch lists and dashboards.