Sablono taking the pressure off big building projects

We're happy to announce that our new video is now online: It shows how Sablono is being used in a successfully running project, London, UK.

This brand new video shows a successfully running residential construction project in London consisting of two buildings and 464 apartments in Phase I. Project Manager Daniel Boulton, representing Mace (General contractor and Sablono customer), talks about the benefits of using a modern, digital tool like Sablono to keep track and manage large-scale residential projects.

The video was shot in London, UK and Almeria, Spain since the project involved prefabricated bathroom units which were produced in Spain. Sablono was used to track those units from production, delivery to positioning on site. Furthermore, the collaborative progress management platform is used to coordinate and track the interior fit-out phase including more than 10 subcontractors.

Special thanks to Daniel Boulton, the rest of Mace’s team, Fabio Zanoni, his team at Hydrodiseno and, last but not least, SAP and the team shooting the video with us. It was a lot of fun!

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