Sablono secures multi-party deal with Clarion and Henry Boot

Sablono has secured a deal with Clarion Housing Group (Clarion) and their main contractor, Henry Boot.

Sablono has secured a deal with Clarion Housing Group (Clarion) - the UK’s largest housing association that currently provides housing for 350,000 residents, and their main contractor, Henry Boot – a British construction and property development business that has been successfully operating for 135 years. Clarion commissioned Sablono for the fit-out of 279 apartments in York, UK which is due to start in August 2022. It is estimated that Sablono could help to track up to 20,000 activities across the project supply chain.

“With a huge pipeline of exciting and new developments within the Clarion portfolio, we have quickly recognised the need for managing our preferred delivery partners in a way that will benefit both the main contractor and the client.  

The Sablono system will help Clarion as a client collect valuable data on build quality, programme certainty and the commercial expenditure on all elements of the build we need to record and track during the delivery process.  We are looking forward to our first collaborative approach using Sablono with one of our preferred main contracting partners, Henry Boot Construction on our exciting Cocoa Works project.” - John Mudge, Regional Delivery Director, North Latimer by Clarion Housing Group

“This deal is particularly special for us because Sablono will be used by multiple different types of stakeholders. Henry Boot as the main contractor will use the system across their supply chain, while Clarion will use Sablono for quality assurance,” commented Lukas Olbrich, Co-Founder and CEO of Sablono.

“Because Sablono does everything in real-time, it prevents the need to rely on manual methods such as spreadsheets, which has the potential to save hours of time on this project. From Sablono’s point of view, it's really exciting to be working with big names such as Clarion and Henry Boot, and hopefully, we'll see more partnerships like this moving forward,” said Andrew Cowan, Senior Account Executive at Sablono.


About Sablono

Founded in 2013 in Berlin, Germany, Sablono has developed a leading position in the digitalisation of Construction Processes. Sablono’s Construction Execution System was created alongside major construction projects and clients and has constantly been developed into the first platform for integrated supply chain and digital task management. 

Starting out with projects in Germany, Sablono built the foundation to soon deliver international projects on the Sablono platform such as 150 Bishopsgate London, Dubai Uptown Tower or One Sydney Harbour and can count companies like Lendlease, BESIX, Bouygues, and Dressler Bau, amongst others, to their client list. By now, Sablono helps projects with an aggregate value of more than 15 billion EUR to drive up efficiencies on-site and foster digital collaboration. Having initially raised a seed financing round in 2014, Sablono took a steady path to profitability before raising its Series A. 

About Clarion

Clarion Housing is the UK’s largest housing association, owning and managing 125,000 homes and providing homes to 350,000 people.

Clarion Housing is part of Clarion Housing Group, which is made up of both commercial and not-for-profit subsidiaries. The group undertakes a range of commercial activities in order to invest in its core social mission to provide homes for those who need them most.

About Henry Boot

Henry Boot PLC has been successfully operating in land, property and development for over 135 years. With their uniquely sustainable business model, they have built a market-leading group of companies that source, develop and deliver across the whole property value chain.

They manage the combined effort and expertise of six primary subsidiaries, investing in their future to create long-term value and robust returns for all their stakeholders and partners.


For further information, please contact:

Sablono GmbH

Oletta Stewart 


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