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Read our latest Case Study with Schneider Fassaden

In this new case study with our customer Schneider Fassaden we explain the implementation of the Sablono platform! Read more about it here!

Being a project-based process management solution at the heart, the Sablono Platform can not only be used for onsite construction processes but also for the management and monitoring of prefabrication and offsite production management.

One good example is the production of façade panels which are tailored to the requirements of each individual project. Being a crucial part of the overall construction process, façade panels have to arrive on site at the right time and quality in order to ensure a smooth and sound installation.

Digital process management systems like the Sablono Construction Execution Platform can help generate invaluable data for each individual panel as it travels from production to the final installation on site.

Read more about this in our latest case study which provides insights into the work of our client Schneider Fassaden, one of Europe’s leading companies in rear-ventilated façade construction since 1968.

Read the full story here. 

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