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Procore Alternatives (5 options)

Looking for alternatives to Procore? Here are the top 5 Procore alternatives on the market right now.

Procore is a popular choice for project managers wanting to streamline their projects with a digital system, but there are so many other alternatives to Procore to choose from. 

In this article, we’ll look at the best project management software alternatives to Procore.

These options all have their unique strengths and weaknesses but some of the key features that the best  construction management software solutions on the market will have include:

  1. A centralised system with all project data in one place
  2. Access to real-time information
  3. Digital process management
  4. Transparent progress reporting
  5. Integrated cost-management 

By the end of reading this article, you’ll know the best Procore alternatives so you can decide which option is right for you.

{Note: Sablono was created to fulfill all five of the criteria above and so much more. Get a demo to discover how Sablono can help you on your next project or continue reading to learn why it's a great alternative to Procore. }

Alternatives to Procore: 

  1. Sablono 
  2. Autodesk Construction Cloud
  3. Fieldwire
  4. Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  5. Buildertrend

1. Sablono

Sablono website

First up is Sablono - our own solution. Sablono is the world’s first digital execution software solution that connects all the moving parts of the construction supply chain in one intelligent digital system.

The majority of options on the market look at the different parts of the construction phase in isolation and deal with issues once they appear - think of this as reporting the car crash once it has happened. 

Sablono works to not only report the ‘car crash’ but to actively prevent it by looking at the root cause of issues. Granular details around who did what, where, and when, we build a picture of what went wrong, so it’s clear how to avoid it from happening again.

The real-time status reporting automatically connects the different workflows on a construction site and allows you to understand your project in the moment - no chasing and sifting through endless silos of information required. 

And since everything is connected, It also helps you to understand the impact that different factors have on other parts of your project. Does a particular subcontractor slow you down? How does a particular building sequence impact the rate of quality issues? Sablono gives you all the answers.

Sablono as an alternative to Procore

While both Sablono and Procore are ‘construction project management systems’, the uses of this term are quite different. 

Procore focuses on digitising existing support processes like paying your workers and facilitating on-site communication. While Sablono takes a holistic view of the entire construction execution phase and connects the different workflows surrounding time, quality and cost to give an accurate view of what’s done versus what’s not done.



Scalable - best for large and complex constriction projects

Best for small/medium enterprises

Connects and streamlines execution workflows 

Digitalises existing individual processes

Focused transparent status reporting

Focused on support processes

Sablono for construction project management

Seamlessly manage your processes 

The Sablono platform combines all aspects of time quality and cost. From real-time insights into what’s done and what’s yet to be done to QA checklists that are directly attached to your units, commercial dashboards that are automatically updated as your project progresses and more. 

The centralised system gives everyone working on a project one version of the truth to replace spreadsheets and disjointed manual processes. 

Connect your entire construction supply chain in a centralised system

Sablono connects your entire construction supply chain - both on-site works and off-site module construction.

With Sablono, everyone is accountable and responsible for the project’s success.  Connect your trades in real-time with the Sablono app where trades can make notes and add photos to tasks, flag issues and report on the status of works in the moment.

This provides project managers with a real-time understanding of everything happening on a project. 

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 15.14.58

Easily track your progress

Get a birdseye’s overview of your project or zoom into the granular details of who did what when. 

This gives your true visibility on your project so you truly understand and track the status of works, whether progress schedules are being met, and how to deal with future milestones.

Sablono empowers decision-makers with more accurate information so they can make better decisions faster. The system provides an unmatched workflow overview.

Everything you need to know about your project is in one place, updated in real-time, and is accessible to whoever needs it whenever they need it.

Instead of creating silos of information, Sablono collects and shares data in one place - projects just work better when everyone is kept in the loop.



Gain instant insights with automated dashboards

Sablono’s automated dashboards and built-in analysis take project insights to the next level.

  • Generate S-Curves per activity, per trade, per area – completely automated and available in real-time.
  • View detailed Planned vs. Actual in bar charts and S-Curves to see how well your teams are performing and who might be holding up works.
  • Continuously report against the contract baseline to see where you stand.


Create dashboards and reports - Sablono

Keep on top of your plan

Sablono takes planning to a new level. The platform gives you a clear video of both your short-range schedule and long-term plan to help keep the teams on track. You can:

  • Reschedule based on actual progress data from your site, including automated scheduling support.
  • See a clear separation between your baseline programme and current delivery programme.
  • View your performance against the baseline.

Instant commercial valuations

Sablono lets you manage commercial valuations instantly. Based on a single source of truth commercial application and valuation reports become easy to manage and fair for everyone.

  • The valuation of cost-loaded activities is automatically updated based on signed-off progress from your site.
  • Understand your earned value forecast valuation in real-time by moving through the project timeline.
  • Create cost packages including the activities of your custom business processes.
  • Assign a budget to all work-packages and activities.
  • Commercial Dashboards will automatically display how much each subcontractor needs to be paid based on their reported progress.
  • Review the commercial state of the project by using Sablono’s progress audit-trail.

Cost Group

Benefits of using Sablono on projects:

  • Process improvements for the whole project team - from project management to foreman.

  • High quality, standardised & well-structured information invaluable for claims management, golden thread and contractor performance.

  • Efficiency gains on-site by increasing decision-making & the overall flow of trades.

  • Overall improvement of the project atmosphere through transparency and collaboration.

  • Salability - Sablono can be employed in small-scale construction, right through to megaprojects.

Get a demo of Sablono using the button below. 

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Other Sablono features:

Digital Trade to Trade Handovers

Have trades easily report the status of their activities in the Sablono app. Automatically notify trades when work is ready for them to complete.

Standardised Sequences

Define the flow of trades, responsible companies, durations and quality checks. Sign-off processes based on best-practices. Standardise your workflows.

Look Ahead Planning

Create look-ahead plans for your activities while keeping the Baseline intact. Adapt your schedule based on reliable progress data.

Quality Management

Attach digital QA checklists, notes and photos to your units. Confirm or reject activities based on pre-defined criteria. Uncover the root cause of quality issues.

Transparent status reporting

Unlock accessible real-time, structured project data that provides true clarity. Automatically generate a fully accountable audit trail of everything that happens onsite.

Visual trackers

Convert your drawings into automated visual trackers. Access real-time progress and quality data. Easily keep track of your project as it progresses.

Automated dashboards and reports

Create custom KPIs and dashboards using data analytics. Understand your progress with planned vs. actual dashboards. Report progress against your activities.


Sablono reviews

The Sablono team is very approachable and supportive. They are welcome to your project set-up and also are there to propose new ideas and another vision of workflow, exchange with the site teams and subcontractors. I recommend the use of Sablono on project sites to follow project, cost valuations, overall performance review.” – Laura L.

The ability to manage time, cost and quality across a projects in a granular way and the integration the platform provides between the 3 objectives. This makes even the most complex projects more manageable. Its incredibly user-friendly meaning anyone can use the platform - something which is often overlooked in technology implementation in the construction industry.” – Barnett E.

I've really enjoyed learning to use Sablono, the more you learn the more apparent the power and capability of the app becomes. The customer support is second to none, the Sablono team are always on hand to offer support and assistance with any operational issues.” – Daniel G.

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Autodesk Construction Cloud

BIM Autodesk website

Autodesk delivers smart features that align your plans with your project. With this system, you can create intuitive digital plans and the basic elements of your construction project.

With Autodesk, project managers can easily connect with their deliverables and help crews to better understand how to put together a build. 

This is a management software best used for the planning stages of construction projects, but can also be used throughout if you are okay with less detailed insights at the other stages. 

Key features of Autodesk Construction Cloud:

  • Create designs ready to be implemented in the construction phase.
  • Real-time access to the latest schedule.
  • Compatible with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and ASTA Powerproject.
  • Integrated RFI management.
  • Single submittal log to manage all submittals.
  • Centralised construction meeting minutes.
  • Cost, quality and schedule management.
  • Connected project workflows. 


The most important aspect of the program, collaborating models between far-flung users, works solidly. You'd expect a higher-quality user interface from a company as established as Autodesk, but that's a minor complaint. Autodesk's customer service is responsive and they support their programs well.” Paul B.

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3. Fieldwire


With Fieldwire, managers can organise workers and activities by harnessing conventional tracking tools like spreadsheets. This system gives you a three-week window of upcoming milestones and planned activities and allows you to place workers in the areas they are needed.

Fieldwire is concerned with directing trades and has more of a focus on workforce management than tracking deliverables so this is something to consider if you are looking for a system that places equal weight on both of these elements.  

Key features of Fieldwire:

  • Real-time communication.
  • Connects the field and the office. 
  • Mobile jobsite management. 
  • Construction scheduling - prioritise works according to schedules with a three-week look-ahead.
  • Trade coordination.
  • Creates a manageable record for the handover of projects.
  • Label different activities and customise task status.
  • Cost management. 

Fieldwire allows all personnel on the construction site to see the most recent drawings and specifications at all times. There is no more need to print drawings on-site and print new drawings after every design change. Up-to-date drawings are accessible in real-time on an iPad. Fieldwire reduces mistakes made on-site and eliminates the risk of someone proceeding with work based on outdated plans.” Jillian M.

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4. Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Oracle Primavera

The Oracle platform allows you to better keep track of your workforce by connecting all team members. Oracle has a focus on project costs, and gives users access to crucial information at the planning stage of a project.

Best described as a process tool, Oracle gathers data for clients on their platform. Oracle is another favourite amongst project managers, but one thing to consider here is that this software runs the risk of creating information silos due to the lack of integration between workflows. 

Key features of Oracle Primavera:

  • Plan, schedule, and control large-scale programs and individual projects.
  • Secure multiuser access to schedules.
  • Allow project managers to coordinate costs.
  • Open and schedule multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Adaptable views.
  • Team member interfaces for gathering status updates.

Primavera makes scheduling and maintaining baselines easy. The facility for resource management and enterprise-wide project management is very helpful.” Saurabh A.

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5. Buildertrend


Buildertrend is a system designed to aid speciality contractors, trades and builders with their projects. The system can be adapted to meet the needs of the specific speciality, which makes it a great option if you are looking for something tailored to your particular line of work. 

Equipped with strong capabilities for recording progress and creating schedule overviews, this is a tool best used for small businesses.

Buildertrend is also beneficial as a work assistant application, providing you with a basic understanding of upcoming activities on multiple sites. 

Key features of Buildertrend:

  • Centralised job documentation.
  • Intuitive scheduling that accounts for delays.
  • Mobile collaboration tools to connect field and office workers.
  • Buildertrend Takeoff tool - upload digital blueprints, make measurements quickly and ensure accurate estimates.

I used other CRMs in the past, but love using BuilderTrend. Its simple setup has allowed me to keep track of my customers as well as provide better follow-up to my clients. I just utilize the Sales section of BuilderTrend, but it has improved my client relationships and increased my overall sales.” Brian D.

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Procore alternatives: Conclusion

To summarise, the best alternatives to Procore on the market right now are:

  1. Sablono 
  2. Autodesk Construction Cloud
  3. Fieldwire
  4. Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  5. Buildertrend

While all of these options are good, we believe Sablono is the best and this is because the granular level of detail that it provides on the jobsite is unmatched. 

This level of detail helps to go beyond simply digitalising your project and works to prevent issues from happening in the first place. 

Sablono can provide true clarity for project managers to help drive better decisions and outcomes. Get a demo of Sablono today to learn more.

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