Interserve Project: 1000 New Homes for Students

Learn more about how our partner Interserve was able to use the Sablono platform to successfully deliver a new student project.

Congratulations to our client Interserve for finishing 1000 new homes for students at the Mount Oswald University in Durham – delivered on the Sablono Platform.

Towards the end of the job, we spoke to Interserve’s Senior Construction Planner Andrew who was among the first Sablono users on this project. When asked about his learnings, Andy emphasised the matter of change that a new solution comes with. “You have to trust the system & learn quickly. But soon you realise that spending time on a proper set-up of workflows will prevent you from running into problems you might not even be aware of at this stage.”

When asked what he enjoyed the most when working with Sablono, Andy said: “Besides the QR-codes it is definitely the support! Mario and his Customer Success team are brilliant. They always come back to you & go the extra mile to help you out”.


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