Construction Planning & Scheduling Summit 2018 in Berlin

Sablono's CEO Lukas Olbrich will be speaking at this years Construction Planning & Scheduling Summit in Berlin! Join Us!

Sablono’s CEO Lukas Olbrich will be speaking at this years Construction Planning & Scheduling Summit in Berlin (15-16 February 2018) on the topic of Predictable Projects – How have Post-its & Excel become the Revolution? You can meet Lukas as well as our Mario Samson on both days of the conference. Lukas’ presentation will take place on day 2, 9.50am.

About the presentation:

Profit margins in construction grow with and shrink without collaboration. In no other industry did the separation of skills into different specialised companies lead to as many collaboration gaps as in construction. Lean Construction Management was introduced to overcome this gap and introduce collaboration, transparency and trust – and what we find are the usual lean management tools: post-it stickers for collaboration and transparency as well as Excel spreadsheets for progress monitoring. These tools get the job done but they can and will not leverage the real value behind the data: to make projects predictable. Only sophisticated systems will. This presentation will give insights into how a new way of managing construction execution and supply chains can change the industry – and how it has been in applied in projects like London Greenwich Peninsula together with Main Contractor Mace.

About the Construction Planning & Scheduling Summit:

The 2nd Construction Planning & Scheduling Summit will emphasize the importance of planning and scheduling in construction management and how to benefit from technological advances in projects of all sizes. The summit will take place on 15-16 February 2018 in Berlin and it will gather together a group of Senior Level Executives to discuss about the current situation of construction planning and scheduling and how to improve the processes within the slow-to-change industry. Numerous networking breaks will give participants an opportunity to share their insights and connect with other industry experts to find new innovative ways to keep their companies relevant and competitive for the new rising projects.

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