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Buildots Competitors (4 Alternatives)

Looking for an alternative to Buildots for construction progress tracking? Here are the top Buildots competitors on the market right now...

Buildots is a popular choice for construction project management. But, if you're looking for another option, you'll be pleased to know that there are some excellent alternatives available. 

Chances are, you want a solution that:

  • Centralises your data for a single version of the truth.
  • Gives you accurate insights into what happens in the field.
  • Tracks project progress at a greater level of detail.
  • Connects your people and systems.

While Buildots is a good option, there are other options available that may be a better fit for your specific needs. In this article, we'll explore the top alternatives to Buildots on the market right now. 

Buildots alternatives:

  1. Sablono 
  2. Asta Power Project
  3. VisiLean
  4. Autodesk BIM 360


1. Sablono


First up is Sablono – the world's first construction execution platform that streamlines every aspect of project management.

Sablono allows you to say goodbye to the chaos and confusion of disjointed systems and fragmented data by integrating all aspects of time, quality, and costs into one central digital software.

Real-time progress monitoring, project controls, and data analytics provide a clear and comprehensive view of your project's performance.

And with Sablono's unique system, standardising time-consuming processes has never been easier. This allows your team to focus on the essential tasks without getting bogged down in the details.

Next, a deep dive into how Sablono differs from Buildots…


1. Site visits

Sablono: Our innovative platform streamlines the process by allowing trades to report the status of their activities directly in the app. This means you can instantly access the information you need, without the need for uncoordinated site walks.

Managers can quickly confirm or reject activities, making everything crystal clear and concise. No more guesswork, no more wasted time.

Buildots: Site walks are still necessary with Buildots. This is because Buildots relies on capturing visual data via built-in cameras attached to helmets. 


2. Live image vs static image

Sablono: Experience the actual on-site progress in real-time with Sablono. You can keep track of your project's status as it happens, with updates coming straight from the tradespeople completing each task.

Thanks to digital quality assurance checks completed by the tradespeople themselves, you can be sure that every detail is being taken care of. And with the ability to attach relevant documents and photos, you'll have a comprehensive record of every step of the process.

But Sablono doesn't stop there. With the app, you'll be able to seamlessly hand over activities and receive up-to-the-minute status updates, ensuring that you always know exactly what's happening on the job site. 

Trades can easily report the status of their activities in the Sablono app and the next trade is automatically notified when work is ready for them to complete.

Buildots utilises 3D cameras to capture a historical snapshot of trades activities at the close of each day. This footage is subsequently uploaded to be synced with the project plan.

However, there is a lag between the completion of the activity and the eventual synchronisation with the plan. This can create discrepancies and errors that can compromise the accuracy of a project's progress.


3. A comprehensive understanding of the job at hand

Sablono collaboration

Sablono: This powerful tool brings together the expertise of your partners and the power of technology to provide you with accurate information that's easy to understand.

Here's how it works: Tradesmen report their progress directly into Sablono, giving you real-time updates on what's happening on the ground. With Sablono, you'll know exactly what's going on at all times. And not only that, your management team can easily approve or reject work based on quality, giving you even greater control over the project.

Plus, Sablono keeps track of who did the work, so you can hold everyone accountable and ensure that everything is running smoothly. No more guessing who's responsible for what - with Sablono, you'll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Buildots: Buildots uses AI to analyse visual data, which is undoubtedly a powerful tool for modern construction projects. But let's not forget that when it comes to assessing status and quality across various activities, nothing beats the human eye and experience. Can AI truly understand the nuances of your job and provide accurate feedback?

Furthermore, one of the essential elements of any construction project is knowing exactly who completed each task. Yet, with Buildots' AI, this information may not be easily accessible.


4. Elevating your construction processes to a higher standard

: With Sablono, you can break down your project into all its individual pieces and create standardised workflows to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You'll be able to manage hundreds of thousands of activities with ease, transforming your baseline into a production plan that will help you get the job done on time and on budget.

Additionally, Sablono fosters trust between all project partners by providing a structured, collaborative approach. You'll be able to work together seamlessly, knowing that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

While Buildots digitally captures your existing workflows, it may not provide enough to truly transform your processes and take your company to the next level.

That said, what makes Sablono a versatile digital platform for construction projects? Sablono is a digital solution that creates a complete audit trail of your project, capturing intent and any changes made along the way.

With real-time data available to everyone on the team, keeping track of thousands of activities is a breeze. 

Plus, Sablono's audit trail lasts for decades, so you can easily access data from previous projects, ensuring true accountability and the Golden Thread right from the start of a project.

Sablono as an alternative to Buildots:

Sablono offers a powerful alternative to Buildots for construction progress tracking. Here are some of its key features and functionalities:


1. A real-time understanding of your project at all times

MicrosoftTeams-image (47)

Sablono is an innovative tool that allows you to keep track of your on-site activities in real-time, right from your mobile phone. With Sablono, you can see a live visual representation of your project through schematic overviews or custom visuals such as floor plans or façade elevations. 

These visuals are transformed into automated Visual Trackers that show real-time progress and quality information using your custom colour schemes. The Visual Trackers are then displayed on onsite dashboards, making project progress visible and transparent for all stakeholders.

On top of this,  Sablono’s Activity Tracker provides a single source of truth that replaces Excel spreadsheets and gives you insights into where to focus your time during site walks. 

It connects all of your project data in one place to provide a clear view of your progress in real-time, the status of your QAs, baseline and look-ahead dates and more. 


2. Clear commercial insights for accurate reporting

Cost Group

Sablono makes it easy to understand where the financial state of your projects stands. You can create cost packages for your activities, and assign budgets based on real-time progress.

Sablono's dashboards automatically show how much each sub-contractor should be paid based on their work, and you can review the project's financial status at any time with the progress audit trail.


3. Easily create custom dashboards and reports

Dashboard_imac_ENSablono is a construction management solution that helps you keep track of progress, quality, and costs. You can use Sablono's Reporting API to pull data into a BI tool and create custom dashboards.

You can also report progress from other systems by sending progress change events to Sablono's Progress Change API. 

Sablono offers business process templates that you can customise based on your construction use case, and pre-planning visualisations that allow you to view multiple projects. This solution simplifies your upstream business reporting and saves you time.

4. A single source of truth on projects

Create dashboards and reports - Sablono

Sablono is a central digital platform that helps streamline and organise your project or portfolio. With real-time information and integrated workflows, Sablono creates a single source of truth and standardises processes, breaking down silos and improving communication. 

The platform also provides quality control and assurance, allowing for instant analysis of progress, sign-offs, defects, and hold-ups, and providing insights into quality issues. This helps increase efficiency and productivity while ensuring accurate records and a Golden Thread of information.

5. Standardises repetitive workflows


Sablono is a comprehensive platform that streamlines and optimises your construction processes. With Sablono, you can say goodbye to disorganised workflows and hello to a custom, organised system.

You'll have the ability to define and manage the flow of trades, responsibilities, and quality checks with ease. No more wasted time and resources trying to keep track of everything.

But that's not all. Sablono takes things a step further by allowing you to create standardised work sequences based on data that are proven to work best.

You can set durations, dependencies, and responsibilities in a way that maximises efficiency and productivity. It's like having a construction guru right at your fingertips.

By breaking down your project into elements and preplanning the construction sequence, Sablono helps you minimise errors and reduce costs. With its integration of your entire team, Sablono unlocks new levels of productivity and gives you better control over workflow processes.

Benefits of using Sablono on projects:

Sablono delivers a comprehensive solution that helps you transform your processes to save time and money. Here’s how:

  • Streamlines processes for the entire project team, from project management to foremen.

  • Provides high-quality, standardised, and well-structured information for effective claims management, project documentation, and contractor performance assessment.

  • Improves on-site efficiency through enhanced decision-making and trade flow.

  • Promotes transparency and collaboration, leading to a better project atmosphere.

  • Can be used in projects of all sizes, from small-scale construction to megaprojects.

Sablono reviews:

“Sablono is very useful for tracking on-site progress and predicting and forecasting the potential impact of any delays that occur. Its helpful tool to quickly assess the amount of work that has been completed in a given period by any individual trade” - Michael G.

“Sablono splits the project into small and easily identifiable tasks. Allows quality assurance at each stage from multiple inputs. Easily varied to a wide variety of tasks and projects.” - Callum H. 

"My favourite part of Sablono is the way it keeps a record of handovers. It is very efficient to carry out a handover walk on site, sign a sheet, complete the QA checklist on my phone and attach the signed sheet on the app." - Naomi F. 

2. Asta Powerproject

Asta Powerproject

Asta Powerproject is a software that provides project planning, scheduling, and resource management tools to help construction teams effectively plan, monitor, and control their projects. 

This application is aimed at making it easier for project managers to oversee projects and ensure their successful completion, by bringing all relevant information and tools into one centralised location.

Key features of Asta Powerproject:

  • Provides tools for project planning and scheduling, including Gantt charts, critical path analysis, and resource histograms.

  • Helps in resource management and allocation to ensure efficient and effective use of resources throughout the project.

  • Includes cost management tools for budget and cost control, including budget tracking, cost analysis, and cash flow forecasting.

  • Provides real-time updates on project progress for better monitoring and decision-making.

  • Includes collaboration and communication tools for efficient teamwork and information sharing.

  • Provides a range of standard and customisable reports for informed decision-making and project status assessment.

  • Can be integrated with other software tools, including Microsoft Office, for a seamless workflow.

  • The mobile app allows for access to project information and updates from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

  • The interface is customizable to meet specific needs and requirements.

  • The solution is cloud-based, accessible from anywhere, and allows real-time collaboration and information sharing.


“The ability to accurately assign predecessors and successors, and being able to save the template so you don't have to start over every time. Very user-friendly. Unlike most other programs where you are forced to use the old provided by the program, you can actually mould Powerproject to work for you.

There are many ways to complete the same task which is both a blessing and a curse. It's very customizable, and you can arrange columns in an order that makes sense for you. Most of the data in the columns can be set to different formats also contributing to the user-friendliness for powerproject.”
Andrew P.


3. VisiLean


VisiLean is a resource management solution aimed at simplifying the management of people, plant, and materials in construction projects.

It provides a centralised platform for construction teams to manage their assets and helps them make the most of their resources with greater efficiency and control.

VisiLean is designed to be easy to use with a visually clear interface. Again, its cloud-based architecture enables construction teams to access information and manage their projects from anywhere, at any time.

Key features of VisiLean:

  • Easy, visually clear resource management.

  • Real-time tracking of availability, quantity and effort of people, plant and material.

  • Balancing of availability, quantity, and effort to maintain schedule and budget.

  • Support for different shift patterns, work rates, overtime, and skills.

  • Integration with other software and systems used in construction projects
  • Customizable to meet specific project needs.

  • Dashboards for real-time project insights.

  • Collaboration and communication tools for effective project management.


“This software is easy to use, easy to monitor the progress & at the same time gant view is amazing. Tagging option is another feature I love.” - Athulya M.

4. Autodesk BIM 360

BIM Autodesk website

Autodesk BIM 360 is a cloud-based platform that brings together various aspects of construction project management and collaboration.

It provides a centralised hub for project data and enables easy communication and collaboration between all stakeholders, including contractors, architects, and engineers.

The main goal of Autodesk BIM 360 is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of construction projects by eliminating the challenges that come with working with disparate systems and disconnected data.

By integrating all aspects of a project, from design to construction, into a single environment, Autodesk BIM 360 enables teams to access the information they need from anywhere and keep everything up to date in one place.

Key features of Autodesk BIM 360:

  • Allows construction teams to manage project documents and drawings, including version control, collaboration, and document distribution.

  • Offers tools for field teams to access, share, and manage data and information on site, including inspection management, photo documentation, and issue tracking.

  • Includes tools for quality control and inspection management, as well as safety reporting and management to ensure compliance and minimise risk.

  • Provides a centralised platform for managing the entire project lifecycle, including schedule, budget, and resource management.

  • Enables cost control and tracking, including budget management, cost reporting, and cost comparison to actuals.

  • Facilitates team collaboration and communication, including team chat, task management, and team notification.

  • Offers tools for managing equipment, including equipment schedules, maintenance tracking, and utilisation reporting.

  • Provides real-time access to project information and data from mobile devices, allowing construction teams to stay connected and informed even when away from their desks.

  • Allows users to create custom dashboards and reports to track project performance, measure progress, and identify trends.

  • Integrates with other Autodesk solutions, including Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, and more, to provide a comprehensive and seamless construction management solution.

  • Provides user management and security features to ensure the secure storage and sharing of project data, including user access control, permissions, and audit trails.


“Collaborate on designs. the convenience of accessing design files from anywhere, on any device. You can sync your files to your PC. the availability of the application even on mobile.” - Charlotte M.

Buildots competitors: Conclusion

Bringing it all together, some of the best alternatives to Buildots include: 

  1. Sablono 
  2. Asta Power Project
  3. VisiLean
  4. Autodesk BIM 360

While all of these choices are solid, we believe Sablono comes out on top as the best alternative to Buildots. 

With its ability to handle even the most complex projects and provide granular detail, Sablono transforms construction execution. The platform promotes collaboration, standardisation and a single source of truth, leading to faster and more efficient project completion.

Experience the difference with a personalised demo and see how Sablono can revolutionise your construction projects.

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