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Activity Tracker

Replace your static spreadsheet tracker

Visual Tracker

Automatically colour-code designs & drawings

Mobile App

Report progress easily in the field

Automated Handover Notifications

Send notifications to trades' mobile devices

Deliverables List & Reports

See and share all deliverables in one report

Workflow Templates

Build repeatable process workflows

Progress Audit Trail

Stay protected with a digital progress record



QA Checklist

Assure quality and build Right First Time

Activity Sign-off

Get notifications and sign-off trades' work

Issue Sign-off

Get notifications when issues are flagged

Issue List & Reports

See and share all issues in one report

Issue Templates

Build repeatable issues workflows

Photo Documentation

Stay compliant with geo-tagged photos

Quality Audit Trail

Stay protected with a digital quality record



Commercial Dashboard

Link costs directly to your site activities

Commercial Look-Ahead

See forecasted costs from your programme

Commercial Planned Works Valuation

Easily valuate actual achieved planned works

Baseline Scheduling

Transform your baseline into a production plan

Look-Ahead Planning

Update look-ahead plan based on data

Planned vs Actual Dashboards

Understand the performance of all teams



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Sablono Track Free replaces your existing spreadsheet tracker for simple progress reporting on-site.

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Use Sablono to minimise defects, get to the root cause of quality issues and streamline your workflows to get it right first time.

The better QA system

Oletta Stewart09-Aug-2022 16:14:3610 min read

Best Construction Progress Monitoring Software Solutions

Finding the right construction progress monitoring software solution can help you react faster to issues, speed up on-site communication and give greater confidence that your project is on the right track.

Through our customers and our own research over the years, we've found that the best construction progress tracking software solutions almost always meet the following criteria:

  1. Real-time tracking. The progress monitoring software should allow tracking of activities in real-time, including insights into which teams are completing what tasks, how the project is fairing against the plan and cost tracking capabilities. 
  2. Centralised system. It should provide a single, connected platform where all stakeholders can communicate and manage everything.
  3. Integrated reporting. The project monitoring system should provide regular statistics and progress reports to enable project managers to anticipate delays and approaching deadlines.
  4. Cloud-based solution. The project monitoring software should be able to be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  5. Foster collaboration. The construction team should also be able to communicate with each other. Project managers should also be able to provide real-time recommendations and suggestions through the monitoring system.

If you are looking for the best progress monitoring software, we've got you covered. We'll be exploring some of the best construction progress monitoring solutions on the market. So by the end of this article, you will be able to reach a decision about which one is best for you.

Note: We created Sablono with the five points above in mind, and that's why we're proud to say that we've helped some of the biggest names in the construction industry. You can read about us in detail below or schedule a demo if you want to see exactly how we could help your organisation.



1. Sablono

With real-time construction project monitoring, project controls, and data analytics, Sablono Track drives productivity and coordination on the job site to bring about the following outcomes:

  • Process improvements for the whole project team from project management to foreman.
  • High-quality, standardised & well-structured information  - invaluable for claims management, achieving the golden thread and monitoring contractor performance.
  • Efficiency gains on-site by increasing decision-making & the overall flow of trades.
  • Overall improvement of the project atmosphere through transparency & collaboration.

Try Sablono's construction progress monitoring software for free here: Track Free

Easily understand progress data - site banner

Understand project progress like never before

Much of the miscommunication and confusion around project progress is caused by the use of multiple trackers. Sablono’s Activity Tracker replaces mismatched trackers with a single source of truth that pulls updates from across the project in real-time to give you an accurate view of what’s really happening on your project. 

Connect trades through one centralised system and track over 500k activities for visibility across every detail on your jobsite. The possibilities are endless.

With Sablono, you can easily visualise the progress of your project in a way that everyone can understand. Upload façade elevations, floor plans, or any other custom visuals or schematic overviews and Sablono will convert these drawings into Visual Trackers so you can automatically visualise quality information and see the progress of your project in real-time.

You can use Sablono's Visual Trackers to make project progress more transparent through the integrated time-stamped record of activities & incidents. This provides a fully reliable and uneditable execution trail.

Easily spot quality issues that could hinder progress

With Sablono, you can attach QA checklists to each of the thousands of activities that make up a project. When a QA checklist is attached to an activity, trades have to complete a quality questionnaire and attach the corresponding photos. Based on the outcome of this, you can accept or reject the activities. This gives you a clear picture of quality across your project so that you can quickly fix issues that would otherwise cause delays.

With Sablono you can even understand the root cause of quality issues. Its intuitive system simplifies Root Cause Analytics through its structured data so you can clearly understand common issues to avoid making similar mistakes.

The Sablono Platform holds the fully accountable audit trail of your complete construction execution processes. So, you can go back to any point in time or drill down to the very details of events to analyse what has happened on on-site. 

Insights that help you stay on time and under budget

Sablono helps you to easily keep track of your project so you can plan with confidence. Here’s how it works…

  • Use the Sablono mobile app or web platform to report progress against your activities and create a comprehensive audit trail of your project.
  •  If you are facing delays, reschedule and create a Look Ahead plan for your activities while keeping the Baseline intact.
  •  Users will get the new Look Ahead plan pushed to their mobile devices automatically.
  •  Review the status of your project in numerous planned vs. actual KPIs and dashboards.
  • Set up site dashboards to make project progress transparent for everyone.

Through Sablono, you can also keep on track of your project financials to understand whether you’re on track or over budget. Assign a budget to all activities and work packages. Based on the reported progress, Sablono's commercial dashboard will display how much the contractor needs to be paid. You can set project milestones to review this at key stages so you’re never caught by any surprises.

sablono - report construction progress monitoring

Easily report and share progress

Sharing project progress with key stakeholders? Sablono allows you to easily generate reports around progress, quality and cost in just a few clicks. Standardise your upstream business reporting and even create custom dashboards by using Sablono's reporting API to pull your data into a BI tool. By sending progress change events to the Progress Change API of Sablono, you can also report progress from other systems of your choice - Sablono is built to fit around you.

Plus, with Sablono’s intuitive mobile app, you can easily share progress reports with everyone. 

Try Sablono for free here: Track Free.


How Sablono stands apart in construction project tracking

The following are the critical features of Sablono that set it apart from all its competitors:

1. Scalability

Sablono is capable of leveraging large projects. Its high scalability will work on even the most complicated project. Compared to Sablono, most competitors are not as scalable

2. Granular level of detail

One of the most important features of the best construction progress management software is the careful orientation to detail. Sablono gives as much attention to detail as possible so that the managers can micro-manage any construction project.

3. Transformation

Since Sablono is so detail-oriented, it addresses the core issues that any construction project might face. With such attention to detail, it transforms the entire construction procedure versus simply managing a single element of it. 

4. Standardisation

With its superior software, Sablono can standardise repetitive workflows to help get the job done with minimum mistakes.

5. Collaboration

Sablono has the ability to oversee multiple projects. In addition, its activity tracker can create a completely connected construction workflow by connecting the people and supply chains involved.

6. Single source of truth

Sablono is able to create a fully trackable digital audit trail that can be accessed at any time. This helps maintain a greater peace of mind and protection for all the parties involved in the construction project. Although everything was more fragmented in traditional construction, with the help of the Sablono software, you can conveniently connect all aspects of the construction project. 

7. Centralised system

Through a centralised system, Sablono offers greater transparency regarding everything that happens. Everything is tracked and coordinated through advanced workflows.

8. Digital task management

Sablono makes management of construction projects easier by digitising all manual processes like checking progress, schedules, charts, writing notes and coordinating trades.

 Track Free 1200x1200

Monitoring project progress with Sabono (Examples)…

Mace - Greenwich Peninsula Upper Riverside, London, UK

Mace used Sablono for progress monitoring and quality control to manage 145,000 activities across 1007 residential apartments.


Ssangyong - BESIX Joint Venture - The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residence, Dubai, UAE

Ssangyong and BESIX used Sablono for digital task and quality management to manage 77,000 activities across 795 hotel rooms, balconies and staircases.


PANDION Berlin - PANDION Wall 18, Berlin, DE

PANDION Berlin used Sablono for progress monitoring and cost control to manage 5,000 activities actress 128 residential apartments.

Want to try Sablono's construction progress monitoring software for free? Get Sablono Track Free here: Try Track Free.


Other Progress Monitoring Software


2. Oracle Primavera Cloud

The construction progress monitoring software from Oracle Primavera brings together both field and office teams. It synchronises resources, schedules, planning and resources. With its help, thousands of on-site decisions are made with greater clarity.

It includes the following:

  • Virtual tours: Oracle allows project teams to use images from drones to reconstruct site models to conduct a virtual tour to assess the progress of a project. Its project monitoring can significantly help organisations to find better ways to improve project outcomes and limit activities that may be hindering them.
  • Reporting and financial planning: With Oracle, you can track funding, report performance across your project portfolio, and reallocate budgets. It also allows financial planners to identify and select projects that align with your organisational goals.
  • Manage: It allows you to manage material, labour and equipment across projects to optimise utilisation.


3. Buildots

Buildots has a comprehensive and automatic dashboard that consolidates all the site’s data. This assures a very accurate representation of what is happening and what isn’t. Its progress monitoring software offers the following:

  • Updates schedules: The AI-based progress tracking by Buildots helps to update their clients’ schedules automatically. Using their newest integration with scheduling software like Oracle Primavera P6 and Asta, schedules can be updated much quicker now. The on-site tracked activities are accurately synchronised to your schedules, and any progress is automatically updated.
  • Accurate predictions: Buildots make accurate early predictions regarding your probable next problem. It draws your attention to it before it becomes a risk, helping you stay in control.
  • Greater control: With a single system staying in control of everything, all aspects are integrated and connected. As a result, nothing gets lost, and everyone stays on the same page.

Aphex FInal Logos RGB-03

4. Aphex

Aphex is another leading construction monitoring software that replaces meetings, whiteboards and papers with one single platform. Aphex offers the following:

  • Control and visibility: It tracks everything and keeps everyone in the loop. Aphex also allows you complete control and visibility. To achieve this, you need to set the lookahead update frequency and the period of your project instead of considering plans strewn across spreadsheets. It also allows you to import new projects from P6 or Asta’s master schedules. This enables alignment between the planning and data.
  • Plans effectively: Aphex helps teams create effective plans on its platform and enables them to collaborate effectively.
  • Promotes coordination: It makes your team aware of your plans and makes sure that they know the targets they should achieve. With Aphex’s construction monitoring program, lengthy meetings are no longer required to effectively coordinate.


5. Novade

Novade connects all users through a single digital platform and optimises performance through real-time data and analytics to give a clear picture of project progress. This construction progress monitoring software works to improve productivity, quality, and safety on the construction site. It streamlines repetitive tasks and automates manual processes like maintaining spreadsheets.

  • Real-time data: Uses the mobile app to capture real-time data and monitors all activities across the project. It monitors progress across projects, supply deliveries, equipment usage and activities by the workforce. The Novade provides a single platform for logs, photos, and daily reports, making record keeping very easy.
  • Compliance: The software automates and digitises field processes to improve compliance. It reduces compliance costs of projects by 80%, and provides legal and contractual protection to your company. 
  • QA and QC: Improves quality and environmental performance and is punctual when delivering projects. Enables smarter management of contractors and suppliers while constantly improving the workforce.


Start tracking your projects with clarity

As we discussed above, project monitoring software does a lot more than simply keeping track of your projects. Project monitoring involves tracking various aspects that affect the time and cost of the project. Teams need to look closely at all aspects of the project including tasks, materials, labour, RFIs, equipment, materials required, submittals, and others. Considering the vast number of factors to consider, tracking all of them can become complicated. 

 Construction progress tracking software helps overcome issues like:

  • Lack of trust between constructors and subcontractors
  • Stress due to projects running over 
  • Poor communication.
  • Highly mismatched information due to the use of multiple different trackers across the construction project. 

Note: Sablono drives jobsite productivity and trade coordination with the original digital process and task management software for construction. If you are looking for a great construction progress monitoring software, there is no better option than Sablono. Try it for free here: Track Free.

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