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The better QA system

construction inspection software
Oletta Stewart04-Jul-2024 15:59:5115 min read

Best construction inspection software (Top 6 options)

The best construction inspection software will offer some, if not all of the following features:

1. Inspection scheduling and management:
  • Automates the scheduling of inspections at various stages of the construction process.
  • Provides reminders and notifications for upcoming inspections.

2. Customisable checklists:
  • Allows creation and use of customisable checklists tailored to specific project requirements and industry standards.
  • Ensures thorough and consistent inspections by providing standardised criteria.
3. Real-time data entry:
  • Enables inspectors to enter data directly on-site using mobile devices.
  • Supports offline data entry, with synchronisation once the device is back online.

4. Photo capture:
  • Allows inspectors to attach photos or videos to inspection reports for visual documentation of issues and progress.
  • Helps in providing clear evidence of compliance or non-compliance.

5. Issue tracking and resolution:
  • Facilitates the identification, tracking, and resolution of issues found during inspections.
  • Provides tools for assigning tasks and monitoring their completion.

6. Reporting and analytics:
  • Generates detailed inspection reports that can be shared with stakeholders.
  • Offers analytics and dashboards to track inspection trends, performance metrics, and compliance over time.

7. Document management:
  • Centralises storage and management of inspection-related documents, including plans, permits, and previous inspection reports.
  • Ensures easy access to necessary documentation during inspections.

8. Regulatory compliance capabilities:
  • Helps ensure compliance with regulations by incorporating relevant standards into the inspection process.
  • Keeps records organised for audits and regulatory reviews.


In this article, we’ll discuss the top six construction inspection software solutions that are on the market right now. This includes:

  1. Sablono
  2. Fieldwire
  3. Procore
  4. SafetyCulture (iAuditor)
  5. GoAudits
  6. Sitemate

{Note: Sablono has all the criteria above, making it a top choice when it comes to construction inspection software. Get a demo here or continue reading to learn more.}


1. Sablono

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 17.19.25

Sablono is a construction quality management software solution that works to streamline and enhance the inspection process on construction sites. It automates and standardises inspections, facilitates real-time sharing of information and centralises and stores all project data in one place.

One thing that sets Sablono apart from other construction inspection software solutions is its interconnected, detailed workflows that bring together all aspects of progress, quality and cost in a single connected system.

This connectivity combined with granular project management gives an accurate, in-the-moment picture of what is happening on site, rather than just a broad snapshot of a single aspect of the project. In other words, Sablono promotes true visibility.

Because of this, Sablono helps prevent issues, keep quality high and ensure compliance in even the largest, most complex construction projects.


Schedule and standardise your inspection workflows

workflow screenshot - laptop

With Sablono you can schedule more than 200,000 activities and create detailed workflows to streamline your inspections and make sure nothing is left to chance.

Define everything from the flow of trades, hold-points, required documentation, roles and responsibilities and more to keep your project progressing smoothly without any delays or hold-ups.

You can also decide which activities will require sign-off and when in the workflow this will happen, then assign this role to your management team to automate inspection planning.

In addition to this you can create customised QA checklists in line with quality standards and the wider project requirements. These checklists outline the specific questions that need to be answered to ensure consistency across all your inspections.

You can even turn your workflows into repeatable templates to easily replicate best practices across your project portfolio.

{Want to see how Sablono could help streamline your inspections? Schedule a call with our sales team for a personalised demo here: Speak with Sales.}

qa checklist screenshot

Have trades document work in the field

quality mobile

Report on-site from the Sablono mobile app to save time - even while working offline. Based on your predefined workflows, trades can see what documentation they need to provide for each activity they complete. They can then attach the relevant documentation directly to activities using their phones and any updates made in the field will automatically sync to the desktop app.

Here’s how it works when it comes to inspections:

Trades document work as it is completed using the Sablono app. They can take photos on the go and upload them to Sablono in moments – these photos are geo-tagged to provide evidence of where and when the photo was taken.

They can also attach notes and relevant documentation to provide useful context that can be used in inspections.

Once work is submitted via the Sablono app, management can then review this, but more on this in the next section...

Reduce the need for uncoordinated site walks

Since Sablono is a connected digital system, all work reported is stored in one place. Traditionally, uncoordinated site walks are needed in order to establish the status and quality of works, but with Sablono understanding what work is ready for inspection is as simple as pulling out your phone.

Sablono’s Activity Tracker allows you to quickly see all reported works in one place so you can easily spot issues and hold-ups.

{Want to try Sablono free? Sign up here to get started.} 

Zoom out to get a comprehensive project overview, or filter by area, deliverable, team or status to get specific project insights. You can quickly drill down to the most granular level of who did what when for each activity and see the relevant documentation attached.

Once you build management sign-off into your workflows, you’ll also immediately be notified once work is ready for review or when an issue occurs, so you can inspect it without delay.

activity tracker screenshot


Get real-time insights about site performance

Intuitive charts and KPIs help consolidate your inspection data so you understand how your project is performing and can easily adapt to prevent the same mistakes from happening twice.

Drill down to areas, teams and even specific activities to understand your performance in detail and spot trends.

project overview


Streamline the resolution of issues

Sablono also works to streamline the resolution of open issues. Pre-define codes and descriptions for all issue types to standardise documented issues so they’re easier to identify and resolve.

You’ll also no longer have to manually track down issues. Instead, find all your issues in one place to quickly address any open issues. Use extensive filters to easily find the issues that are most relevant to you - from the team that carried out work to the specific area and so much more.

You can then generate automated PDF reports and export them in moments to quickly share issues with your project partners in order to keep them updated.

Generate a detailed digital record of all inspections

digital audit trail screenshot

Sablono’s centralised platform means that records of everything that happens on your project are automatically saved in a digital audit trail.

Go back in time to understand everything that happened on your project. From status changes and the people responsible to attached QA checklists, notes, and reported issues – every detail is documented.

Improve accountability in your team and minimise disputes with an undisputable record of 'who did what when?'. With a reliable source of truth that shows exactly what happened, you can easily address questions like "When did the team start working on it?" or "Who performed the final check and gave the green light?".

This digital audit trail of all project data runs for decades and can be quickly and easily accessed at any time to provide evidence of quality and compliance standards being met.


Key features:

Here’s a breakdown of some of Sablono’s key construction inspection features:

Explore the full range of features Sablono offers

To discover how Sablono can help automate and standardise your inspection process, schedule a call with our sales team here: Schedule a personalised demo


2. Fieldwire

Fieldwire - inspections

Fieldwire's construction inspection software aims to streamline building inspections through effective issue tracking, photos, and checklists. It enables inspections to be carried out more efficiently, allowing teams to effortlessly generate comprehensive building inspection reports.

By integrating Fieldwire into their projects, construction teams, from contractors to architects, can enhance their workflow, improve communication, and maintain the quality and safety of their projects.

Key features:

  • Faster walkthroughs: The app allows users to document any issues encountered on the field quickly with notes and photos and then assign them directly to the team responsible for rectification. This feature ensures immediate action and accountability.

  • Standardised inspections: Fieldwire offers pre-loaded checklists and templates to standardise inspections across projects. This consistency helps maintain quality and compliance and reduces the chances of errors or omissions.

  • Effortless reporting: One of the standout features is the app's ability to automatically generate PDF reports of the inspections. These reports can then be shared with project teams, owners, or architects, ensuring that all stakeholders are kept in the loop with the latest findings and updates.

  • Powerful issue tracking: Fieldwire allows for real-time issue reporting directly from the construction site, incorporating photos, annotations, and comments for a comprehensive understanding of each issue. This is organised by trades and locations for easy access and resolution.

  • Construction inspection checklist: The app comes equipped with the ability to plan full inspections containing numerous inspection items, pre-loaded with building inspection checklists. This ensures thoroughness in inspections, maintaining quality, and safety standards.

  • Manage project safety: With Fieldwire, safety concerns can be reported instantly by any team member on the construction site through the mobile app. The app then notifies the relevant subcontractor immediately, emphasising the importance of safety on the jobsite.

Fieldwire's Building Inspection App is engineered to meet the demands of modern construction projects, focusing on efficiency, consistency, and safety. By leveraging real-time data and comprehensive reporting, it empowers teams to deliver high-quality projects.


3. Procore

Procore - inspections

Procore's construction site inspection software is designed to efficiently manage, maintain, and improve construction quality and safety performance processes. It is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices, which promotes easy collaboration among team members and key stakeholders.

This platform focuses on identifying hazards to prevent injury and protect your construction project's reputation, streamlining safety issue management, and enhancing the quality of construction processes through improved oversight and reporting.

Key features:

  • Inspection library management: Build out, manage, and maintain a library of standardised inspection templates that can be used across projects. This feature helps in baselining current processes to identify and address issues proactively.

  • Project-specific template customisation: Project teams can pull from the company-wide library and customise or create project-specific templates to meet unique project needs, ensuring adherence to up-to-date construction standards and regulations.

  • Efficient issue identification and documentation: Spot and document deficient items or safety violations during inspections immediately. The tool allows for the creation of observations or auto-observations to capture essential details efficiently.

  • Comprehensive inspections and reports management: Manage and review inspection reports on the go, identify quality and safety trends across projects or portfolios, and link inspections to drawings with photos and supporting documentation. Assign due dates to ensure accountability.

  • Standardisation and improvement: By standardising inspections, the software enables teams to identify problems and track the effectiveness of solutions implemented, thereby continuously improving the overall program.

  • Detailed performance tracking: The reporting capabilities of the software facilitate detailed tracking of inspection outcomes, frequency, and performance, allowing for a closer monitoring of project health and compliance.
  • Simplified project inspection onboarding: A readily available library of inspection templates enables quicker project team onboarding, standardisation, and customisation at the project level to meet specific requirements.

  • Contractor performance insights: Insights garnered from inspection details assist in enhancing quality and safety programs, and identifying trends to improve team performance without the blame game.

Procore’s construction site inspection software emphasises easy adoption, claiming, "If you can send an email, you can use Procore," highlighting its user-friendly nature.


4. SafetyCulture


SafetyCulture's (formally iAuditor) construction management software is designed to enhance productivity, streamline inductions, and elevate safety and quality standards across construction sites.

This software focuses on safety inspections but can be customised for various types of construction inspections. It offers mobile inspection forms, real-time reporting, and integration with other project management tools.

It serves as a comprehensive platform offering solutions that aid construction teams in working safely, meeting high standards, and continuously improving daily operations.

Key features:

  • Boost productivity on site: Digitising pre-start checks, site safety assessments, and inductions enables rapid adaptation to changes, ensuring all onsite are consistently informed and aligned.

  • Prevent incidents and promote a safety culture: Encourages a supportive culture for reporting safety concerns and managing risks by making it easy for team members to report observations, hazards, near misses, and incidents.

  • Gain visibility across every job: Utilises data from inspections, reported incidents, sensors, and asset history to enhance worker safety, identify trends, and improve performance across job sites.

  • Deliver effective toolbox talks: Provides a platform for sharing critical safety information through video messages and record acknowledgements, ensuring accessible safety communication at all times.

  • Improve uptime on critical equipment: Enables maintenance scheduling and pre-start checks to ensure smooth operations, supplemented by automated reminders for upcoming maintenance activities.

  • Easy knowledge share: Helps contractors quickly assimilate vital process checklists, digital work instructions, and induction training, facilitating efficient project execution.

  • Drive improvement across every jobsite: Streamlines site operations, helps achieve high standards, ensures compliance, prevents incidents, and improves asset uptime through a suite of tools tailor-made for the construction industry.

Leveraging SafetyCulture's platform translates into significant time and cost savings, improved safety and compliance, enhanced audit and data management efficiency, and overall, a stronger culture of safety and productivity on construction sites.



5. GoAudits


GoAudits construction inspection software is an all-in-one solution designed to streamline inspections and quality control across construction sites. It enables efficient, mobile-friendly inspections that enhance safety, quality, and compliance.

The software facilitates real-time data collection and reporting, even offline, making it suitable for different construction environments, from jobsites to equipment inspections. This tool aims to streamline the documentation process, eliminate paper-based systems, and help users manage issues more effectively with enhanced tracking and reporting.

Key features:

Efficient mobile inspections: Users can perform inspections on phones, tablets, or computers with capabilities for offline data collection. Features include photo documentation, annotations, and comments to replace traditional paper forms.

  • Instant reports & analytics: Generate detailed inspection reports within 2 seconds and automatically email them to relevant team members. Advanced analytics identify recurring risks and weaknesses, enhancing decision-making processes.

  • Issue tracking: Immediate logging of issues during inspections with options to assign and track follow-up tasks. Interactive dashboards display the progress of issue resolution and maintain evidence of corrective actions undertaken.

  • Standardised and customisable checklists: Utilise a library of construction-specific checklists or customise them according to specific site needs. GoAudits can even set up personalised checklists for free. Covers various inspection types including safety audits, quality control, risk assessments, and more.

  • Automated communications: Set up automated report distributions and notifications to ensure the right stakeholders are informed promptly, improving coordination and response times.

  • Real-time insights and visibility: Dynamic reports and drill-down dashboards provide real-time insights into project status and issues. Helps identify top recurring issues and track long-term trends to prioritise improvements in safety and quality.

  • Template library: Access to multiple pre-configured checklists and the option for users to submit their existing checklists to be digitised and integrated into their system.


6. Sitemate

Sitemate - inspections

Dashpivot by Sitemate is a flexible and straightforward site inspection software designed to facilitate the management of data and automate workflows in industries such as construction and engineering. It aims to streamline the inspection process, ensuring that everything from safety to quality control complies with industry standards and improves operational efficiency.

Key features:

  • Versatile data capture: The software includes mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing data capture on-site in real-time, even when offline.

  • Customisable systems and apps: Offers a variety of systems and apps that can be customised to suit specific industry needs, including integrated management systems, safety management, and quality management.

  • Integrated management systems: Streamlines and digitises standard operating procedures across safety, quality, environmental, and commercial contract management, adhering to international standards like ISO45001, ISO9001, and ISO14001.

  • Comprehensive app library: Dashpivot provides a comprehensive suite of apps for various site activities such as daily reports, site diaries, inspections, environmental monitoring, asset management, and much more.

  • Real-time tracking and reporting: Enables real-time tracking of inspections and automates report generation, which can improve the visibility of site conditions and compliance status.

  • Collaboration and communication: Facilitates communication and collaboration across teams by providing tools for sharing information, such as site diaries, contract variations, and progress claims.

  • Extensive integration and automation: Integrates seamlessly with other platforms through Flowsite Integrations Cloud, eliminating data entry and allowing instant, no-code integrations.

  • Security and compliance: Ensures the security of data with robust IT and security frameworks, making it suitable for sensitive environments.


Adaptable for various project sizes, Dashpivot can be scaled according to the project requirements from small site inspections to large-scale projects.



Choosing the right construction inspection software for your projects

To summarise, when thinking about which construction inspection to go for, you should aim to pick a solution that provides the following features:

  1. Inspection scheduling and management
  2. Customisable checklists
  3. Real-time data entry
  4. Photo capture
  5. Issue tracking and resolution
  6. Reporting and analytics
  7. Document management
  8. Regulatory compliance capabilities

Sablono provides all these features and much more to help prevent issues and keep quality consistently high. To learn more, schedule a call with our sales team here: Schedule a demo.