We are delighted to be part of this year’s largest virtual event for digital construction in the UK taking place May 17-21 – the Digital Construction Online 2021. The fully digital event will include a wide range of webinars and online sessions and can be attended for free by all construction #professionals from around the world. ️

The topic of our panel discussion will primarily cover the digital execution of large construction projects, detailing one of our major projects, the Dubai Uptown Tower. We will explain common and specific challenges and describe critical components needed to manage such a huge project. In our panel discussion with Miguel Monteiro & Lukas Olbrich from Sablono, we will discuss essential collaboration and data integrity with construction software, as well as the benefits of real-time data management in complex project supply chains.

You can register now for our Webinar Session with our panelist Miguel Monteiro from BESIX & our CEO Lukas Olbrich here

Link to the Event: