Coffee Break with Game Changers: Startup Focus is live now on the VoiceAmerica Network with this week’s episode The Future of Enterprise Software. Enterprise software – while well intended to streamline workflow, boost productivity and enhance operations – can at times do the opposite. Knowledge workers often are not trained to smoothly integrate new technology and can be stymied by confusing interfaces, dashboards and communications. Startups and their software could help your company unlock new opportunities and speed your path to becoming a digital business.

Florian Meichsner, co-founder and VP of Marketing here at Sablono, offers his take on the topic during a one hour radio show including Prithvi Sen Sharma (founder at Prakshep) and Gary Parnell (Startup Engagement Lead, Startup Focus Program at SAP). Florian starts off talking about a quote of Will Smith and his skydiving experience:

The best things in life are on the other side of terror.

How that ties into modern construction project management and enterprise software? Click here and find out.