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We believe in a world, in which construction projects are delivered hand-in-hand and with mutual trust and transparency between all project partners. In this world, sharing information for the greater good of a successful delivery is chosen over hiding problems and blaming others. This world does not require large project hierarchies of directors over managers over foremen over site workers.  Everyone is a project owner. Everyone’s goal is a successful project delivery and project teams own the success together. To make this vision become reality, the world requires extraordinary technology. This is what drives us. Every day.

“We are constantly looking for motivated people who are up for real challenges. Whether in marketing, sales or software development. At Sablono, everyone gets the chance to make things happen and take responsibility right from the start. So if you’re interested in an exciting job in an up-and-coming Berlin startup, take a look at our current job postings or write us a message!”

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