Working in a start-up, it feels only natural and understandable when friends or potential business partners tend to ask, “what does your company do?”. Most of the times you answer those questions explaining your vision or at least parts of it. Let’s give it a try:

What does Sablono do?

We help construction managers to deliver more projects on programme and budget.

How does Sablono do it?

First, our customers create a schedule on an unprecedented level of detail using our half-automated process template approach. Process templates include activities which need to be performed multiple times on different deliverables throughout the whole project. After assigning those templates to the right deliverables, weekly workplans are derived so that everybody always knows exactly what to do next. The actual progress on site is then documented using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. That progress data is instantly reported back into the planned schedule. Back in the office, our web-platform compares planned vs. actual progress, visualizes the state of the project in drawings and forecasts the overall delivery of the project. Finally, you can also use Sablono for quality assurance by documenting issues, obstructions and photos using our mobile apps.

As you see, working in an industry as complex as the AEC industry and on a topic as complex as scheduling will not help you by shortening the amount of information you need to give other persons to understand exactly what it is you are working for. To be fair, even the description above is probably leaving out one crucial part which was always very important to us: Provide a solution that is simple to understand and use.

That is why in the past we always found it hard to define a claim for Sablono. Claims are even more difficult than condensed versions of your vision. They need to be short, straight to the point, easy to understand and fun while still transporting the crucial part of your vision. Honestly, we struggled a lot on this topic – to the point that we had given up. But, as always in life, once you give up the best ideas occur to you. Today, we are very proud to present the very first claim in the history of Sablono:

Sablono – Predictable Projects

For once, we found something that describes our vision best. Because “Predictable Projects” is what we want you to work on while using Sablono. Everybody should always know what to do next, what happened in the past and where the project is headed in the bigger picture. Only based on that information will you be able to make decisions without doubt, without big assumptions, without risk.

We foresee a future where a construction project is as predictable as a long distant flight: You will know right from the start how long it will take and how much it will cost. Sure, there might be some turbulences between start and touchdown, but that doesn’t mean that the plane will not reach its destination on schedule and it will also not make the flight more expensive for you or other passengers.

Come join us on our mission to transform the AEC industry into a Predictable industry.