Track your prefabricated

Save time with one central platform: the status of each prefabricated part is updated in real-time.

Get instant updates as your partners report progress on production, delivery or installation using mobile devices.

Ensure no details are left out: Sablono manages over 100,000 tasks and gives you a user-friendly overview.

“Sablono is a great tool to track the progression of our construction sites and deliverables. Using its easy and very modern web and mobile interfaces, team members and 3rd parties can now feed their progress or claims into one single database in real time. The cutback in administrative efforts is amazing. We have not found a similar or comparable product before.”

Goswin Rothenthal

Design Management, Waagner-Biro

Just in time

Construction projects are complex, even when you do your best to simplify them. Will deliveries arrive on time? Are off-site contractors reliable? Will deadlines be met? Legal pad, Excel, your phone and email were your only tools… Until now.

Production & Dispatch

With Sablono, your off-site contractors will update you in real time on the status of production and delivery. By generating QR-codes on our platform and tagging each element, they will give you a full view of progress, from production to delivery.

Delivery & Warehousing

Once components are ready, Sablono allows you to keep track of delivery or storage times. You’ll know exactly where each part is and when they can be assembled. And you can customise these workflows on demand.

Installation & Approval

Your delivery has arrived and with Sablono, you can check and document the quality of each part. As soon as they’ve been installed, your client can give his approval by inputting notes directly into the Sablono app.

Analysis & Reporting

Enough with excel spreadsheets, custom formulas and algorithms. Sablono’s built-in features for tracking and reporting allow you to have data at your fingertips. From dashboards to pie charts, our user-friendly reporting feature helps you make the right decisions.

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