Digital Task Management
for Construction Projects.

Learn all about the web-based platform for
process management and project analytics.

Sablono’s state of the art web-platform and mobile application were specifically designed to manage, document and oversee complex construction and delivery management processes. For the first time, project managers get access to real-time information about their detailed construction sequences resulting in tremendous time and cost savings. Explore Sablono’s unique combination of schedule controlling and detailed mobile progress reporting in one central database.

Start your project right away

  • Create your project directly on the platform
  • Determine your project structure in an unprecedented visual way
  • Define your dates and deadlines directly in the Gantt-Chart
  • Import your programme from well-known tools like Asta Powerproject, Oracle Primavera, MS Excel, MS Project or bim+

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You can easily create your project on the Sablono platform or import your project data from widely used tools. Set due-dates for the deliverables that you want to document and keep track of, e.g. single components or entire rooms. Create your project structure and organize your deliverables on our intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

How your project is set up on the Sablono platform:

  1. Project Structure (e.g. sections, storeys, units)
  2. Deliverables (e.g. rooms, components, deliveries)
  3. Activities (tasks, workflows, status values)

Detailed processes for complex projects

  • Capture and preserve your company’s unique expertise
  • Cutting-edge editor to create complex workflow templates
  • Easily reusable and highly detailed

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Most scheduling tools are insufficient when it comes to managing complex projects and vast amount of data. As opposed to this, Sablono gives you the opportunity to manage hundreds of thousands of tasks while being easy-to-use and highly efficient at the same time. If workflows are found to be recurring, they can be saved as templates and can be assigned to hundreds of deliverables in no time. Once set up, you will be able to track and and observe dates, status values and progress information at an unprecedented level of detail in real-time.

Project teams for collaboration

In Sablono you can easily set up your project team and define your co-workers and external partners on the project. Simply assign roles to certain team members and decide what tasks and responsibilities they should take on. As all report into one single database, you can stay on top of the latest developments on site by analysing and status updates and progress reports in real-time.

Project Admin

Project Manager

Project Controller

Site Inspector

Project Reviewer

Progress documentation on site

  • Project data is available offline on mobile devices
  • Report status updates and detailed progress information
  • Capture quality information, hold-ups and deficiencies
  • Comprehensive documentation including Photos

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With the Sablono Today App you have access to your project data anytime anywhere. You and your partners can use mobile phones or tablets to feed real-time progress information, status updates or deficiencies directly into the platform. Thereby everything is at the right place and available for the entire team without delay. QR-Codes help to quickly identify your deliverables like rooms or single components to ensure an accurate and error-free reporting.


Progress and status updates always follow the same pattern:


  in progress


Project analysis in real-time

  • Analyse progress and status updates immediately
  • See your project at a glance using innovative dashboards
  • Dive into relevant project details using filters
  • All project updates, photos and notes in one central place

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Sablono’s web-based platform was specifically designed to analyse vast amount of status updates in real-time. You can choose between a high or low level of detail in order to find the information that you are looking for. Whether it is the current status of one single component or the overall progress of sections or floors. Everything is available at your fingertips to help you stay ahead of what is happening on your site.

2D progress visualisation in your drawings

  • Upload various 2D files to the platform (e.g. floor plans, facade drawings or others)
  • Visualize the latest project status using Sablono‘s intuitive color scheme
  • Review detailed information about your project‘s deliverables in the drawings

The new evolution of the Gantt-Chart

  • Intuitively designed and easy-to-use Gantt-Chart
  • Quickly identify critical tasks and implications
  • Analyse the current project progress directly in the chart
  • Immediately assess and adapt your schedule when necessary

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Discover the new generation of scheduling and controlling by using Sablono’s innovative Gantt-Chart. For the very first time, this Gantt-Chart gives you an overview about the actual real-time status of your project providing you with the latest information in comparison to your planning. Now you can react immediately in case hold-ups or delays are impacting your project.

Comprehensive reporting functionalities

  • Save up to 60% in time for project documentation and reporting
  • Create progress reports and punch lists at the touch of a button
  • Easily include hundreds of photos and notes

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With Sablono’s highly efficient reporting capabilities you can save valuable time compiling progress reports and punch lists for your partners or clients. Simply use the comprehensive data that was continuously captured on the platform in order to create reports on the status of individual deliverables or the overall project. Easily include hundreds of photos and notes and say goodbye to frustrating and error-prone manual work.

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