Digital Task Management
for Construction Projects.

Learn all about the web-based platform for
process management and project analytics.

Meet the first Platform for Digital Task Management in Complex Construction Projects

We at Sablono have always worked alongside our clients and their projects to understand their needs in detail. As a result we have built the best platform for project management and project controls available today. Sablono not only makes it easy to scale beyond 100.000 activities in a single project but also provides you with:


  • Time – Scheduling of tasks and mobile progress reporting
  • Quality – QA checklists, work inspection reports and issue management
  • Cost – Commercial valuations

Data-Driven Project Controls in Real Time

On a large site it can take days or even weeks to get an insight into the project status. With Sablono, it’s always available in real-time. Whether you want to see a planned vs. actual status of a certain activity or an s-curve evolution over time – it’s all available at your fingertips!

All the right Tools for your Site Meetings

Easy-to-use Visualisations for Status Meetings

  • Simple BIM with auto-generated schematic overviews for your project deliverables
  • Easily understand which area has what status using standardised colours
  • Available on Smart-TVs or Tablets directly on your site

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Transform your offices and site cabins into digital production control rooms. Each task in Sablono has a predefined colour which is used to visualise the state of your project in schematic overviews or custom visualisations (e.g. floor plans or façade drawings). It has never been easier to understand the current state of each area at a glance!

Automated 3-Week-Look-Ahead Plans

  • Keep all contractors aligned through easy-to-understand programmes
  • Access project deliverables and planned activities in the weekly overview
  • Adapt the programme as required and store a new version without affecting the baseline

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After years in the construction industry we know that plans change. That’s why we designed Sablono to allow for flexible changes to your baseline schedule. Is one trade facing delays while another could be working in the same area? No problem, just swap the tasks around and your changes will instantly be reflected on the trades mobile application so they always know what to do next. All that while never changing your baseline schedule – You will always be able to evaluate if your project is still on track compared to the initial plan.

Connected Mobile Task Management

  • Easy-to-use overview of planned and available work per trade
  • Simple Kan-Ban-style reporting: “Not Started”, “Started” and “Finished”
  • Capture blockers and hold-ups directly connected to your work sequence
  • Simplified trade-to-trade handovers and advance warnings through automated notifications

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With Sablono you will always know what to do next. Our mobile app will send notifications to following teams when areas become available to them and show the most pressing tasks on top.

Digital QA Checklists & Workflows


  • Digitised QA Checklists will let trades asses their work
  • Project Management can confirm assessments where needed and handover areas to the next trade
  • You will receive a legally binding audit trail of progress and quality for all activities of your project

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Sablono combines Progress Reporting and Quality Assessment into one process and the same application. Attach QA Checklists to your tasks and the Sablono Today app will show it whenever a trade reports progress. If needed, project management will receive notifications and can either confirm or reject the assessment.

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Automated Commercial Valuations

  • Commercial valuations per package are directly linked to Sablono’s progress and quality information
  • No more ambiguity on what has been finished – Always have a clear picture on what should be paid
  • Full audit trail and automated earned value overview per package

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With Sablono as your single source of truth, you will always know which activities have been finished by the trades and which were confirmed by project management. No more discussions about what has been done or not and no more manual gathering of information to prove why you’re not paying for everything you have been asked for.

Custom Dashboards & Data Analytics


  • Build your own comprehensive, custom dashboards
  • Import your data into PowerBI or any other dashboarding tool
  • If needed, let us support you with our templates and best practices

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Does your business require custom dashboards? Our API offers all the data you could wish for to create your own dashboards in the tool of your choice. Contact us and we will support you to set it up or share our expertise from other projects.

Comprehensive Reporting Functionalities


  • Save up to 60% in time for project documentation and reporting
  • Create progress reports and punch lists at the touch of a button
  • Easily include hundreds of photos and notes

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Save valuable time with Sablono’s highly efficient reporting capabilities. Use the data you’ve captured on the platform and create progress reports and punch lists for your partners and clients. Easily include photos and notes in your reports on the status of individual deliverables or the overall project.

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