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Sablono keeps humans in the driving seat while making it easy for your team to do what they do best. 

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Next-level project clarity

Always know what’s done and what’s not done. Track your project at the most granular level of who did what based on real-time project data directly from your site. 

Structured project data for clear insights into what’s done vs. not done. 

Generate project KPIs and reports to clearly understand your project.

Replace disjointed spreadsheets with Sablono’s automated visual trackers.

Sablono Activity Tracker
Mobile task management for construction site

Progress tracking made easy

Tired of uncoordinated site walks? Collaborative progress tracking connects trades and gives real-time accurate progress updates.

Trades report their progress as they complete their work.

Digital trade-to-trade handovers streamline the handover process.

Replace disjointed progress trackers with a single connected system.

Track hundreds of thousands of activities across your teams, subcontractors and supply chain.

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All onsite progress at your finger tips

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On-the-fly progress and quality documentation

Create project documentation on the fly and have peace of mind that you always have the information you need at your fingertips. 

Create an out-of-the-box digital audit trail as your project progresses.

Automatically generate The Golden Thread of information right from the start.

Easily hand over the required QA documentation to your client.

monitor progress on jobsite

Single source of truth

Replace multiple spreadsheets with a single centralised system that connects everyone and everything on your project. 

Exchange disjointed data with a single source of truth that’s updated in real-time.

Connect your entire construction supply chain in the Sablono system. 

Remove siloes and transition to collaborative working with ease.

  •  “Sablono is very useful for tracking on-site progress and predicting and forecasting the potential impact of any delays that occur. It’s a helpful tool to quickly assess the amount of work that has been completed in a given period by any individual trade.” 

  • "Sablono is a truly collaborative working platform which enables multi-user live updates providing real-time progress reports. The biggest benefit of Sablono is when used with a repetitive work stream." 

  • "Intradepartmental tools for progress tracking are no longer used, instead a unified and official tracking system powered by Sablono enables us to take a major step towards digitalization."  

  • "My favourite part of Sablono is the way it keeps a record of handovers. It is very efficient to carry out a handover walk on site, sign a sheet, complete the QA checklist on my phone and attach the signed sheet on the app."

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How Sablono works

Step 1 - Plan

Map out how you want your project to go.

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Step 2 - Track

Track your progress against your plan.

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Step 3 - Analyse

Analyse your production data with performance analytics & KPIs.

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Step 4 - Adapt

Update and adapt your look-ahead schedule based on reliable progress data.

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Step 5 - Report

Generate comprehensive audit trails, dashboards and reports.

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