DCW Connect Fringe Series 2020 Webinar

Why the Future of Construction is built on Digital Execution Platforms

Construction is changing rapidly with more and more sites adopting systems and software to digitise processes and workflows. When looking at these tools in depth, however, we find that most are simply digitising existing analogue documentation processes which have proven to be error-prone, fragmented and constantly outdated.

In order to improve as an industry and to enter the digital age, construction needs to focus on understanding its processes, standardisation and collaboration as a basis for true digitisation. As the digital backbone, Construction Execution Platforms enable access to production data in real time in order to run process analytics and derive insights for improvement.

In this online presentation, your host will show you examples of major construction companies and projects around the world who have already embarked on that journey.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
2 -3 pm (UK time, GMT+1)

Lukas Olbrich

Duration: 60 minutes
Costs: Free