Communication is the key to successfully deliver projects of any kind. When you work in projects which involve as many parties as the usual construction project does, that fact becomes even more obvious. We at Sablono think that most phone calls are made and emails are sent to either collect or spread information about the current site progress. Project managers usually collect information while (sub-)contractors spread it. In any case, all partners want to be informed about which tasks have been completed, who should bring his team to site next and which delays have to be faced for what reasons.

Today, this communication overhead is mostly done by manually calling the right partners or sending emails. Following this principle, over the execution of a single project up to hundred of thousands of emails are sent and whole days are spent talking on the phone. Aren’t you also tired of the tedious work to write or answer those emails? Isn’t it time that you stop running after information but instead put information to work for you?

Sablono offers a modern and unique way of collecting or spreading progress information with just a few clicks, whenever you might need it. And here is how it works:


  1. Open the smart deliverables list on
  2. Filter the list to select those deliverables you either want to receive an update for or you want to hand-over to the next team. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for “all deliverables which are running behind schedule and should finish by the end of the week” or „deliverables for which electric works have been completed by my team“. Everything is possible!
  3. Next, select the deliverables which are relevant to you from the list using the checkbox.
  4. Enter the email address of the partner you want to receive an automated email containing those deliverables.
  5. Your partner will receive an email which is going to ask him to review and potentially update the state of the selected deliverables on Sablono.
  6. After clicking the link in the email your colleague will be forwarded to a page showing exactly those deliverables you selected. Here, he will also be able to change their state by ticking of activities related to him and his team.
  7. After updating, progress information can be uploaded to the system.
  8. If an update was uploaded, you as the sender will be notified once again.
  9. The information uploaded to Sablono is instantly available to everyone in the project leading to better, more informed decisions and will ultimately help to deliver the project on time and as cost-effective as possible.

Isn’t it time to change the way we do things? Shouldn’t we use the possibilities which modern technology offers also in our daily work life?

I personally think we should. And Sablono is way too easy-to-use to not give it a try.