Today, we proudly present our brand new Sablono app: TodayVersion 1.0 can now be downloaded from both Appstore and Play Store.

This are the features of the very first release:

  • The app will show all activities upcoming in the next 7 days – user and team specific. You will only see those activities related to you.
  • Use your smartphone to understand how long you should be working on a tasks and how much labour was planned to be used.
  • Tasks will be grouped by deliverables to which they have been assigned to make sure that information is easy to understand.
  • Change the status of activities using your smartphone or tablet. Sablono Today employs the same easy-to-use principal as Sablono Inspect: not started, work started, finished.
  • Once you or your partner sets an activity to done, Today will ask how long and including how many colleagues you worked on the activity. Logging work done has never been faster.
  • Understand each Activity in Detail by jumping to its Details View. Just tab any activity in the list to see it.
  • Keep track of activities running behind schedule using the “Late”-tab.

Keep in mind, that version 1.0 is an open beta – The app will definitely include more features in the future. Still, we would like to know what you think! Feel free to contact us for any feedback or comments.