Version 3.15 of the Sablono platform has been released today. It includes the possibility to assign a Responsible Manager to your Deliverables, extensive improvements of the Project Dashboard and a brand-new 2D visualization: Browse status.

New features:

  • Manage the responsibilities in your project on an even higher level of detail by assigning a Responsible Manager to your Deliverables.
  • Responsible Managers are the only member of their teams which see activities of those deliverable in their Today app.
  • Responsible Managers are the only member of their teams which receive handover-emails when e.g. a predecessor was finished.
  • Responsible Managers are able to filter the Project Dashboard, Deliverables, Activities and Notes pages to only include Deliverables assigned to them.
  • You may define leave delegation for Responsible Managers through the Teams page.
  • The Project Dashboard has been simplified! You should now be able to focus more easily on what’s important.
  • You can now filter the Project Dashboard for Project Structure. Review the dashboard for a specific part of your project (e.g. Building 1, 2, etc.) with just a click!
  • A brand-new 2D visualization is available: Browse status. Select a specific activity of your process template to see for which deliverables of the visualization it has been finished.
  • A lot of minor improvements and bug-fixes have been released.