Version 2.34 of Sablono’s Lean Management platform is up and running. Once again, it makes project management a lot easier by showing the planned vs. actual progress of your deliverables in a brand new S-curve.

Here is how the Progress Curve works:

  • It will show you how many deliverables should have reached your selected state in the past and how many should reach the state in the upcoming future displayed in one line.
  • Also, it shows how many deliverable actually reached that state in the past in another line.
  • Compare both to see how well your project is performing and to identify potential bottlenecks even before they arise.
  • Hint: To make the most out of this new chart please schedule both your deliverables as well as your activities.


Solved Bugs:

  • A problem has been solved which could lead to not being able to import an Excel spreadsheet onto Sablono.