Today, Sablono was released inĀ version 2.31. The biggest new feature allows you to create new activities on the fly while working with the Lean Board, without having to change your process templates.

This are the newest features:

  • Create new activities while using the Lean Board during your coordination meetings.
  • Assign a responsible team, a duration and a lot more to each activity while creating it.
  • Working with Sablono has never been more flexible: The Lean Board will still be filled with activities defined in your standardized workflows but you may also add new ones to your weekly work plan if the need arises during your meetings.
  • Also, from now on you and your project partners will receive a weekly digest email showing the progress achieved last week for each of your projects.


Bugs and small improvements:

  • Your forgot your password? Simply request a new one using the button on the login page.
  • A problem has been solved which could lead to not showing the set-up colors in your 2D visualizations.