It’s time for updates! Version 2.27 of the Sablono platform is now available online. The release introduces a completely new, much easier workflow to update progress on the platform.

And this is how it works:

  • Tasks and activities may now be ticked using the Deliverables Details Overlay directly on the web platform.
  • Document and upload progress has never been easier! In the browser and without the Inspect app.
  • Obviously the well known Sablono access rights by Teams and Roles also apply here: Only partners who are responsible for a task will be able to tick it.
  • Open the Deliverables Details Overlay from your list of Deliverables, the new Lean Board, your 2D visualizations or the Bar Chart and update the state of your activities right there.


Bugs and minor improvements:

  • We listened to your feedback: From now on you may choose if your partners see the whole workflow or just activities related to their Team in the Inspect app. You will find the new setting on the Project Settings page.