Exciting news! The Sablono platform was released inĀ version 2.26.3. The update brings a couple of awesome improvements related to the new Lean Board!

And these are the newest features:

  • Starting today, you may move activities directly to specific start dates using the Lean Board. Goodbye day-by-day movement!
  • Furthermore, you will now also see issues like quality or obstruction issues included into the Lean Board.
  • Labour related to a specific task has been introduced: Just define how many workers have to work on each activity while creating your process templates…
  • …and review your setup in the Lean Board. It has never been easier to keep track of upcoming tasks!


Also, some minor bugs have been resolved:

  • Non-working-days will now be colored in the Lean Board.
  • A bug has been resolved which could lead to inaccurate data in the 2D visualization after deliverables had been edited.