Sablono platform version 2.26.1 was released this morning. The new update comes with a completely new 2D progress visualization as well as improvements of the only recently released Lean Board.

The newest features at a glance:

  • You may now assign colors to activities of your process templates using the editor.
  • Afterwards Sablono will automatically visualize the state of your project in your uploaded 2D drawings: Each deliverable will be colored according to the color of its last reached state.
  • Furthermore you may now also zoom in your drawings.
  • Also the new Lean Board has been improved:
    • It’s now possible to open the details overlay for deliverables displayed in the Board with just a click. This will provide an even better Overview of your processes.
    • Activities can now be moved directly in the Board. Scheduling of tasks has never been easier.
    • Even activities which are running behind schedule and are not displayed in the current week anymore can now be moved to the current week with just a click.


Bugs minor improvements:

  • The automated creation of deliverable codes while importing from a MS Excel file has been improved.
  • PDF reports will now also show the number of deliverables included into it.