Release! Right on time for Christmas, Sablono released version 2.22 of the web platform today. The last release of 2016 comes with a new chart for the project dashboard as well as a long list of minor improvements.

Here goes, the newest feature:

  • There is a new chart included on the dashboard: Review which deliverables did not reach a certain stage on time or which ones reached it even before schedule. Stages were defined previously while creating process templates. Using the chart will enable you to understand bottlenecks related to specific activities at a glance!
  • Starting today you may click on parts of the project structure chart on the dashboard to see the deliverables which belong to that specific part of your project structure.


Furthermore, some bugs have been resolved and minor improvements been included:

  • The “Project team” has been renamed into the “Full access team”. Thanks for your feedback!
  • A problem has been resolved which could lead to tasks and summary tasks not being sorted correctly in the bar chart.
  • A problem has been resolved which could lead to not showing the complete path of the project structure while filtering for it.
  • The search for a part of your project structure has been simplified.
  • The filters on the deliverable progress page have been revised and enhanced.
  • The filters have been split into the categories advanced and basic to enhance usability.
  • Some minor improvements on the Details Overlay have been released.