A new version (2.20) of the Sablono platform was released today! It includes dependencies between deliverables and a new fancy way of displaying the Inspect app in web browsers.

These are the new features:

  • There is a new tab in the Details Overlay which can be accessed by clicking on a deliverable in the Progress list, the Bar Chart or the 2D visualization. It is called Dependencies!
    • In the new tab dependencies between deliverables can be created and deleted.
    • Also, a list of all predecessors and successors of the currently displayed deliverable will be shown including progress and schedule information. Foresee potential problems at a glance!
    • By clicking on a predecessor or successor you can jump directly to its details.
  • The Inspect app will now be shown in a beautiful pad frame and it was finally seamlessly connected to the platform.No need for multiple browser tabs no more!


Small improvements:

  • The Intercom support chat has been updated und works even more reliable now.