Version 2.16 of the Sablono platform was released today. The new version provides some minor improvements as well as 2D visualization.

The newest features are:

  • Sablono is now able to visualize the state of your project in an 2D-image (e.g. floor plans or facade profiles). For further information about this feature, feel free to contact our costumer support. We will help you to set it up for your project.
  • You may now print QR-codes for specific deliverables (instead of all-at-once).
  • You may now print your QR-codes on Avery Zweckform sheets which have been used, starting with the first available sticker.


Some improvements and bug fixes have been released as well:

  • You will now find a link to this beautiful page in the side navigation on the platform – keep track of new versions and releases and test new features as soon as they are available.
  • A problem has been solved which could lead to being able to change the Inspect settings even without appropriate permissions.
  • A bug related to the project cards has been solved.