Today, the Sablono platform was released in version 2.15. Most of the new features are related to project settings.

Here goes a list of the new features:

  • There is a new project settings page!
  • On this page you will find: Project information, the working schedule of your project, your project team and settings for the Inspect app.
  • In the Inspect app settings you can decide whether your site inspectors are able to change the state of whole deliverables and groups of activities including all related activities with just one tap. Alternatively you may configure it in a way that makes sure that your site inspectors have to track the progress for each activity separately.
  • If the codes of your deliverables are more important than the names, you can now show them more prominently in the Inspect app.


In addition some minor improvements and bug fixes have been released:

  • Creating a new project on the platform has never been easier.
  • You may now discard the card which can be used to start the introductive tour – Afterwards you can still access the tour using the side navigation menu.
  • You will now find information about the structure of deliverables in the issues reports. Also the whole reports has been redesigned in a way that makes them¬†easier to read.
  • A problem has been solved, which could lead to a false number of activities presented on the project dashboard.
  • A problem has been solved, which could lead to a false number of deliverables¬†presented on the project dashboard.