The Sablono platform was updated to version 2.12. The new release offers the possibility to update your Sablono project to the newest version of your schedule.

The new features are:

  • Update your Sablono project and your imported deliverables to the newest version of your schedule created with Microsoft Project, Asta Powerproject or Oracle Primavera. During the process new deliverables might be created on the platform, existing ones might be changed or even be deleted from the platform. Do not worry: You will not loose data by updating your Sablono project. In a case of doubt the platform will ask for your permission before changing anything. Find more information on this here.
  • Export the progress of your project in a new handy report which will present the information based on your project structure (comparable to the dashboard).


And these are the released bug fixes and improvements:

  • A problem that could occur during the import of deliverables using Microsoft Internet Explorer was solved.
  • Support for¬†Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge and Apple Safari was improved.