The Sablono platform was updated today! Version 3.9 is now up and running and it brings two major improvements for the Sablono scheduling engine.

This is how the scheduling engine was improved:

  • From now on, Sablono will always calculate your projects schedule forwards and backwards.
  • User-defined Deliverable start dates will be used as constraints for the forward calculation, while user-defined Deliverable due dates are constraints for the backward calculation.
  • Both calculations lead to Earliest and Latest start and end dates for all Deliverables and Activities.
  • The Total Float (buffer between Latest and Earliest dates) for all Deliverables and Activities will also be shown.
  • The UI was adapted to show those new dates everywhere on the platform.
  • From now on, you will also be able to put manual gaps into your sequences.
  • Those manual gaps can be created by moving a specific Activity to a user-defined start or due date. User-defined Activity dates influence the Earliest start and end dates for successors and the Latest start and end dates for predecessors of the moved Activity.
  • Manual gaps can be created from the “Configure Activities” dialogue on the Deliverables page or using the Week Plan.
  • Numerous bug-fixes and minor improvements all over the platform.