It’s time for updates: Version 3.6 is now available and online. It comes with two major improvements – first, you may now create schematic 2D visualizations directly on the platform. Second, the visibility of reported notes has been revised.

The newest features are:

  • Starting today, you will be able to create new schematic 2D visualizations directly on the platform!
  • To do so, use the step-by-step wizard which you can access from the visualization page.
  • Obviously, you may also still upload SVGs to create other visualizations.
  • The visibility of reported notes can now be limited. After activating the feature, notes will be shown following these rules:
    • The note has been created by your team.
    • Your team is responsible for the note.
    • The note has been reported for an activity that your team is responsible for.
    • As long as you are part of the Full-access-team you will be able to see all notes ever reported.
  • If you are interested to limit the visibility of the notes in your project according to those rules, feel free to contact us. We will set it up for your project as soon as possible.


Bugs and minor improvements:

  • The English and Spanish translation have been improved.