Version 3.28 is available and it comes with the possibility to show rejected Activities, email notification when an Activity has been rejected or confirmed, forecasting on the Commercial Dashboard and further improvements!

The newest features:

  • Activities that have been reported as rejected via the Today app will be marked as rejected on all places where Activities are shown, e.g. the 2-D Progress Visualization.
  • The responsible team will now always receive an email update about the confirmation or rejection of their activity.
  • You can now run your commercial look aheads based on our Commercial Dashboard. Simply select a future date and Sablono will do the rest! 

Further improvements:

  • The order of the items on QA checklists can be changed by drag and drop.
  • The performance of the assignment and updating of Process Templates was heavily improved.
  • On the Commercial Dashboard the overall completed costs are now also shown in the Cost Group overview.
  • Small UX fix for the Week Plan: When browsing through the Deliverables the page stays on the same position after an interaction is done, e.g. using the filters.
  • The Week Plan will now show 3 weeks and the small Activity design by default.
  • A problem has been resolved which could lead to the Project Structure filter not being applied to the Deliverables page after clicking on a tile on the Project Dashboard.