The next update is already available! Version 3.22 comes with a lot of features related to the confirmed state of your activities.

The newest features are:

  • You will now be able to export your Commercial Dashboard for the selected Cost Group into Excel.
  • If your Activities need to be confirmed they will from now on be shown as behind schedule on the web-platform as well as the Today app if said confirmation is not given before the planned due date of the Activity.
  • On the 2D Status Visualization you will be able to understand which Deliverables are currently waiting for their latest activity to be confirmed and which ones were confirmed already.
  • On the 2D Browse Status Visualization you will be able to understand for which Deliverables the selected Activity is available (since all predecessors are finished), currently in progress, waiting for confirmation and confirmed.
  • The S-Curves on the Project Dashboard will from now on show a third line: Confirmed (green).
  • The Bar Chart in the Project Dashboard includes a fourth bar: Confirmed (green).
  • Clicking on that bar will forward you to the Deliverables list filtered to see all those for which the Activity was confirmed already.
  • The Excel Full Project Export available from the Import/Export Tools page was extended and will now include:
    • The Team responsible to confirm any Activity.
    • The actual date when confirmation was given.
    • Who gave that confirmation.
    • Look Ahead start and end dates as well as the Look Ahead duration.
    • The planned labour per Activity.
    • If a QA checklist is attached to the Activity.
    • The Activity’s position within the Process Template (Number).