We are starting 2019 with a new page! Version 3.19 of our platform includes¬†Daily Logs which will answer the question “What happened on a specific day?” with a simple click of a button. Also, the release comes with performance improvements for the Activities as well as the Week Plan page.

New features:

  • A new page has been introduced: Daily Logs!
  • You will find it in the Work section of the side menu on the web-platform.
  • After selecting a specific day, Sablono will automatically show which Activities were running as well as which Notes were reported on it.
  • You will be able to attach the following info to the Daily Log entry manually:
    • The weather conditions.
    • Actual working hours.
    • How many workers have been on site per Team.
    • Which machines were used.
    • As well as special events and notes.
  • After saving your input all project users will be able to see them.
  • It has never been this easy to understand what happened on a day even month later. Simply click on e.g. the 14.11.2018 and find out!

Furthermore, we included performance improvements:

  • On the Activities page especially when using very large Process Template.
  • On the Week Plan page.