We are proud to present version 3.18 of the Sablono platform! It comes with a massive update on the Week Plan page, including a UI overhaul, the introduction of the Sablono Look Ahead schedule as well as the possibility to automatically forecast your activities schedule.

The newest features include:

  • You can now click on Activities presented in the Week Plan to see all detailed information related to them.
  • If you want to work on your Look Ahead schedule, you will now have to start a Planning Session.
    • Once the session is running, you may now change due dates as well as durations for all Activities from the new Activity Details Panel.
    • While changing those info on Activities you can choose if following activities should also be rescheduled based on your input.
    • The Week Plan will indicate which Activities were moved during the currently running session.
    • At first, all changes done within your session are only visible to you.
    • You can discard all your changes or publish them to the project at any time.
    • Once you publish, other users in the project will receive an email notification that a new Look Ahead schedule has been released and will be able to see your changes on the Week Plan page as well as in the Today app.
    • Currently, all users will only be able to run one session per project at a time. Please make sure to close your session whenever you are done.
  • Your Look Ahead schedule will be saved on a second scheduling layer in the Sablono database.
    • Your baseline plan will still be available after changing dates on the Week Plan. The dashboard and other KPIs, e.g. the late calculation for all Activities, will still be based on the baseline.
    • Currently, only the Week Plan as well as the Today app work based on the Look Ahead schedule.
    • In the future you will be able to compare Baseline vs. Look Ahead vs. Actual on all pages. We will keep you updated on any new developments here.
    • The Activity Details Panel will also show how often the plan was already changed for each individual Activity.
  • After starting a Planning Session, you will now be able to automatically forecast a new activity schedule for all activities that are currently running late.
    • With a simple click of a button Sablono will propose a new Look Ahead schedule based on your currently reported progress.
    • Afterwards you can either accept that plan or parts of it or you come up with your own.
  • You can now filter the Week Plan page by Project Structure to e.g. only see Apartments from a specific Building.
  • The Deliverable Details View has been updated – From now on you will also find detailed information for all Activities displayed here. You will find it once clicking on the Activity that you are interested in.

Also, we released some improvements and solved a few problems:

  • The filter interaction has been improved on all pages.
  • The Week Plan will now also pick up bank holidays that you defined on the Project Settings page.
  • A problem has been resolved which could lead to not being able to load the 2D visualization in MS Internet Explorer.
  • A problem has been resolved which could lead to a broken user interface of the status legend on the 2D visualization page when looking at it using the MS Internet Explorer.