Version 3.16 was released! The latest updated includes more filter capabilities for the Project Dashboard as well as an overhaul of the Week Plan page.

The released features include:

  • The Responsible Manager of a Deliverable will from now on be the only user of his team which can update activities that his team is responsible for.
  • The Project Dashboard can now be filtered by Teams. Once filtered, you will only be able to select activities of that team to be shown in the S-Curves and the Planned vs. Actual chart will only include Activities that the team is responsible for.
  • Furthermore, the Week Plan page was updated:
    • Responsible Managers can from now on also filter this page to only include areas that they are responsible for.
    • Users may now choose if they want to see one, two or three weeks presented on the page.
    • On top, you can now choose from three Activity designs: Small, Medium and Big. Depending on your setting you will be able to see more Activities on your screen.
    • The initial loading times of the Week Plan have been reduced – Understand what needs to be done next within the blink of an eye.
    • Activities which are running behind progress can from now on be reviewed for each Deliverable separately. The new design will also not change the heights of each Deliverable line presented on the Week Plan, thus enhancing the UX of the page.
  • You will be able to update the status of a batch of selected Deliverables from the 2D visualization now.

Furthermore these improvements and bug-fixes are available:

  • Reporting progress on Activities with a QA checklist attached is not possible through the web-app anymore, since it was leading to users not answering their QAs as planned.
  • If you filter the Week Plan for a specific team, Deliverable lines which do not include any Activity that the team is supposed to work on will from now on be hidden to keep things handy.
  • A problem has been resolved, which could lead to not being able to create “ad-hoc” activities from the Week Plan page.
  • The performance of the Deliverables list has been improved.