Today, Sablono released a massive update for our web-platform. It is now available in version 3.11 and brings functionality around QA checklists and a new responsibility for confirming activities have really been done.

The newest release brings the following features:

  • Attach QA checklists to your Activities through the Template Editor. Once attached, they will be prompted whenever the state of those activities is changed through the Today app.
  • Assign a new team to your Activities through the Template Editor: Confirming team. The team you select here will be able to confirm that activities have really been done through the Today app.
  • Update to our email notification: If an activity includes a Confirming team the successor of that activities will only be notified that the predecessor was done once it was confirmed. Also, the Confirming team will receive email notifications about Activities that have been marked as finished and are therefore ready for confirmation.
  • New “confirmed” state on the web-platform: You will see the new state everywhere on the web-platform. If an activity was finished and does not need confirmation you will see the green tick as you are used to. If it was finished and is waiting for confirmation you will from now on see two grey ticks. Once the activity was confirmed you will see two green ticks.
  • If a QA checklist has been assigned to an activity which also needs confirmation the Confirming Team will be asked to answer a second version of the checklist while confirming it.
  • You will be able to review results of QA checklists in a brand-new tab on the Deliverables Details View.
  • Here you will find uploaded and not signed QA checklists that have been filled while the Responsible Team marked activities as “work started” as well as signed QA checklists uploaded while moving activities to “finished” compared to results signed by the Confirming Team while setting them to “confirmed”.
  • Click on any item in the list to see the QA checklist in detail and understand how each item was answered.
  • You will be able to mark QA checklist items as “mandatory for confirming team” in the QA checklist editor. Doing so will highlight them in the Today app and make answering it with “Yes” or “No” mandatory even for the Confirming Team.
  • A lot of minor improvements and bug-fixes have also been implemented.