Today, version 3.1 of our web platform has been released. From now on, Sablono will calculate how many days late the predicted delivery of your deliverables running behind schedule is.

The newest features are:

  • Sablono calculates how many days late your deliverables are at any moment, automatically.
  • To do so, we are using the proven critical path method: Based on the currently reported progress we will calculate a predicted delivery date for each deliverable and afterwards display any difference from the planned due date.
  • These delays will be presented in the deliverables list as well as the deliverables details view.
  • The automatically send daily Sablono emails have been updated: In addition to deliverables which are ready for your team, you will now also see a list of those deliverables for which one of your following trades reported progress before you finished your task. This is supposed to remind you regularly to update the platform with your latest progress.


Bugs and minor improvements:

  • A bug has been solved, which could lead to Project Managers not being able to assign a process template to a deliverable in the deliverables details view.
  • The Week Plan will now also show UK date format everywhere.