Sablonos collaborative progress management platform was released in version 3.0! It comes with an improvement automatic scheduling mode, a better calculation to label deliverables behind or on schedule and a complete redesign of the update timeline.

The newest features are:

  • The automatic scheduling mode has been updated: From now on start and due dates of deliverables are taking into account as long as the deliverable in question does not have a predecessor which would influence its start date.
  • To calculate if a deliverable is running behind schedule, Sablono from now on takes a close look at all activities that need to be performed to finish it. If only one of those activities is running behind schedule the whole deliverable will be labeled accordingly. This ensures a way more accurate calculation.
  • The update timeline on the dashboard as well as the separate page have been completely redesigned! Enjoy the new, clean and modern look which fits perfectly to all other pages on Sablono.


Also, some improvements have been released:

  • The header bar has been cleaned up. To change the language of your user interface please click on your user badge and select a language from the appearing drop down.